UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #1 BY Scott Snyder, Charles Soule, Guiseppe Camuncoli, Daniele Orandini
Thirty years since the US shut its borders to the rest of the world, a team embarks on a dangerous journey into the United States for a cure to a virus that could save the human race.
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The countdown begins in the new Image Comic series UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #1. A deadly virus looks to wipe out all of humanity within six months unless a group of unlikely strangers can infiltrate America, which has been closed off for decades. Scott Snyder (BATMAN: ENDGAME) and Charles Soule (DEATH OF WOLVERINE) combine their writing talents and take us on a mysterious journey into a land that most of us thought we knew. Artists Guiseppe Camuncoli (SPIDERMAN: GOBLIN NATION) and Daniele Orandini provide some larger than life illustrations that help bring this epic adventure to life.

Undiscovered Country #1

Thirty years ago, the United States sealed its borders from the rest of the world. Within that time frame, new alliances around the globe have formed, such as Euro-Afrique and the Pan Asiatic Prosperity Zone. A plague called the Sky Virus emerges and threatens to wipe out life on the rest of the planet. Out of nowhere, a communication from of the United States is received in Instanbul with a promise of a cure for the virus. With no alternatives, a team consisting of an Epidemiologist, a historian, and a journalist make their way into undisclosed America.

Flying into America in Undiscoverd Country #1
Image courtesy of Image Comics

Their invitation of excitement turns to panic after they’re blown out of the sky upon arrival. Snyder and Soule do a great job with the pacing. The writers thrust our group of newly formed strangers straight into survival mode. If you’ve seen Matt Damon’s film ELYSIUM, then the trope of taking a dangerous mission to find a cure isn’t new. Despite that, the world of UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY feels fresh with a strong familiarity to a Jerry Bruckheimer or Neil Blomkamp movie.

The story switches gear suddenly, taking a MAD MAX meets the HILLS HAVE EYES approach. The group becomes enemies on foreign territory. The only setback is we don’t learn much about the characters to care enough about what’s happening to them. Charlotte Graves, an Epidemiologist whose been working on a cure against the Sky Virus with no success, is the only person we really get any backstory on. Granted it’s the first issue so hopefully, the coming issues will shed more light on the rest of the team.

The Art

Guiseppe Camuncoli and Daniele Orandini do a superb job of letting their art tell the story. The deeply designed facial expressions and characters help emphasize the world is struggling. From the opening panels on the helicopter, it feels like Camuncoli and Orandini are bringing us into uncharted territory. Intentional or not page for page there’s a lot to explore within each page of their work.

Charlotte caring for the sick in Undiscovered Country #1


UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #1 is an entertaining and very informative first issue with a lot of promise. The pacing, dialogue, and action are all on point. The story leaves a lot to the imagination. It’ll be interesting to see where the series takes us over the course of the first arc. Download your copy today or head to your local comic shop.

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