uncanny x-men #7

Writers Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson, and Matt Rosenberg are moving the X-Men ever closer to the end of “X-Men Dissasembled!” This UNCANNY X-MEN #7 preview features Glob and Amor defending X-Man from the Infinites. Check it out below to see their fight!

[one_half]uncanny x-men #7


Published: December 26, 2018

Written by: Ed Brisson, Matt Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson

Art by: Pere Perez

Cover by: Elizabeth Torque

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X-Men Disassembled threatens to leave the X-Men in tatters as it rolls on toward its explosive conclusion!

UNCANNY X-MEN #7 Preview Image Gallery

uncanny x-men #7 uncanny x-men #7 uncanny x-men #7 uncanny x-men #7

uncanny x-men #7
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