Captain America makes an appearance in this UNCANNY X-MEN #16 preview. Cyclops, however, has a difficult time trusting even him. Scott a leader willing to sacrifice everything for mutantkind, however, will it cost him his relationship with his brother? Check out the preview below!


Uncanny X-Men #16


Written by: Matthew Rosenberg

Art by: Salvador Larroca

Cover by: Salvador Larroca

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Cyclops and the X-Men have set out to save mutantkind…but the Mutant Liberation Front, led by one of the X-Men’s own, is willing to do whatever it takes to stop mutant oppression…even kill any mutant who stands in their way…

UNCANNY X-MEN #16 Preview Image Gallery

Uncanny X-Men #16 Uncanny X-Men #16 Uncanny X-Men #16 Uncanny X-Men #16

Uncanny X-Men #16
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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