There is plenty to catch up on in this UNCANNY X-MEN #15 preview! Beast is working to cure an alien disease while the X-Men figure out their next move. However, nobody was expecting a house call from Captain America! And just when they get a lead, Cyclops finds himself in even more trouble, per usual. Check out the dense preview below!


Uncanny X-Men #15


Written by: Matthew Rosenberg

Art by: Salvador Larroca

Cover by: Salvador Larroca

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Cyclops and the X-Men have set out to save mutantkind…but the Mutant Liberation Front isn’t going to just wait for it to happen!

UNCANNY X-MEN #15 Preview Image Gallery

Uncanny X-Men #15 Uncanny X-Men #15 Uncanny X-Men #15 Uncanny X-Men #15 Uncanny X-Men #15Uncanny X-Men #15

All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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