IMMORTAL MEN #6 continues the epic struggle between siblings who can’t die. The Jim Lee/James Tynion IV created series has explored these undying members of the DCU, and the coming struggle between their houses. One house, in particular, the House of Action, may be vital in saving life as we know it.


The Immortal siblings have long defended the world, but some among them want to upend the current world order. The change is led by the Immortal Woman’s House of Conquest. She has defeated her brother the Immortal Man, and his House of Action is struggling with the loss of leadership and trying to stop Immortal Woman. While Immortal Woman tries to further her schemes, and take a more proactive role in leading the world. Meanwhile, Immortal Man’s protégés struggle against the forces of Immortal Woman.

IMMORTAL MAN #6 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The young would-be hero Caden Park is still learning to adjust to his psychometric powers, as well as wielding the secrets of the Bloodmask. Still, even with that challenge, Park and the other Immortal Men fight valiantly. Meanwhile, Caden’s former guardian Roderick has gone to Amanda Waller for help finding him.

Waller wants more information on the group that Roderick worked for, which Roderick promises to give up in exchange for help looking for Caden. Roderick is not the only one revealing secrets, as the Immortal Men succeed in exposing the House of Conquest to the greater world, including it’s greatest heroes.

IMMORTAL MEN #6 Hates Secrets

IMMORTAL MEN has been about the clandestine movements of the Immortals, and the newest recruit of Immortal Man, Caden Park. This issue has been about the complete annihilation of the status quo. Whether it’s the revelations about the Bloodmask, the exposure of the Carthage Group by Fredrick to Amanda Waller, or the revealing of the House of Conquest to the world, secrets were laid bare throughout this issue.

Amanda Waller is an interesting introduction, as the crossover possibilities with a high profile group like the Suicide Squad exist. This issue was about exposing the Immortals, pulling them from the shadows, the Suicide Squad would be like a large explosive “TROUBLE  HERE” sign. It’s a great opportunity to bring some attention to the book as if having legendary artist Jim Lee and major DC writer James Tynion IV creating it wasn’t enough.

Colorful Grit, Beautiful Minimalism

IMMORTAL MEN #6 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

While Jim Lee started off as the artist on the series, Tyler Kirkham has taken over art duties. It’s understandable, given Lee’s schedule, but the two are very different artistically. Lee is known for his hyper-detailed pencils, while Kirkham’s, in contrast, feel much looser. Kirkham also did his own inking, whereas Lee has the excellent Scott Williams touch his work up.

Kirkham opts for a not too heavy hand inking. Kirkham’s work is solid regardless of the Lee comparisons, the work feels both detailed yet fluid. Arif Prianto & David Baron’s colors also contribute, providing almost a watercolor quality to the art. James Tynion IV keeps the dialogue and captions minimal for most of the issue, letting the art do the talking. There was a lot of impactful moments during the issue, and Tynion played them up well with his pacing. This was a big issue, and Tynion didn’t shy away from any impact or implications.

Final Thoughts On IMMORTAL MEN #6

IMMORTAL MEN #6 is fast-paced, action-packed issue, a terrific book from Tynion and Kirkham. A lot has changed in the series, and the next part of this saga should be great. Tynion has created a great opportunity with the reveals and exposure in the pages of this issue. This issue pays off on some storylines with some great action but creates new threads, something any good ongoing comic should do.

IMMORTAL MEN #6 by James Tynion IV, Tyler Kirkham, Arif Prianto & David Baron
Tynion and Kirkham deliver an explosive issue, with lots of secrets revealed and the Immortal Men winning a decisive battle in their war.
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The Truth is Out!
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