At this year’s New York Comic Con, we at ComicsVerse got the opportunity to chat with the cast and crew of MARVEL RISING: SECRET WARRIORS!

Chatting with the Cast of MARVEL RISING

During a roundtable with the cast and crew, we got to talk to Tyler Posey, who plays the role of Dante Pertuz aka Inferno in the franchise. Tyler Posey’s name, of course, is not an unfamiliar one. He has been acting since the age of nine in a variety of notable television and film roles.

His most notable role may be that of Scott McCall in the MTV hit, TEEN WOLF.

So, in our chat with Posey, we got a little insight into how his famous role as a teenage werewolf inspired him in his portrayal of the conflicted Dante in MARVEL RISING. Additionally, Posey let us in on some childhood stories. He detailed moments in which he found himself transfixed by superheroes such as Spider-Man, moments where he even pretended to have superpowers.

Thus, though his role as Dante is his first and only foray into the superhero world, Posey has been quite familiar with superhero tales throughout his life.

What Lies Beyond

Tyler Posey’s role as Inferno in MARVEL RISING: SECRET WARRIORS will be the first of many ventures for the young actor. We’re looking forward to seeing what else he will take on!

At New York Comic Con 2018, the crew announced that CHASING GHOSTS, featuring Gwen Stacy as Ghost Spider, and HEART OF IRON, featuring Riri Williams as Ironheart, are currently in production. These characters are beloved by a plethora of comic book readers. So, these films, like SECRET WARRIORS, will broaden the Marvel Animated Universe greatly.

Most importantly though, they will bring beloved characters to life.

Be sure to watch MARVEL RISING on Disney XD! 

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