There’s been news of star Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller of DEADPOOL having reached a disagreement involving the next film’s casting for the role of Cable.  

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Image result for deadpool shockedAfter DEADPOOL’s success at the box office, Reynolds renegotiated his contract with Fox to have more say in the movie’s casting. Unfortunately, Miller and Reynolds had creative differences during casting, which ultimately led to Miller’s fallout from the upcoming sequel.

Despite Miller’s exit, it doesn’t seem his leave will have much impact on the movie’s style. Fox Studios obviously agrees with and trusts Ryan Reynolds as he hopes to continue with more of a comedic/raunchy approach to DEADPOOL, as opposed to Miller’s formalized approach.

Internet rumors have pointed to actors like Dolph Lundgren (who was name dropped in the end credit scene of DEADPOOL), Liam Neeson, Stephen Lang and Ron Perlman to play the role of Cable. Miller had the idea of actor Kyle Chandler (BLOODLINE) as Cable, but the Studio quickly sided with Reynolds as he thought otherwise.

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Look at that baby face

Adding a character like Cable could definitely help the franchise as the characters compliment and balance each other very well, like in the comic CABLE AND DEADPOOL. However, if the character isn’t cast correctly it could potentially harm the film’s success. As a Deadpool fan, I believe and trust in Reynolds’ ability to gather a good cast to make the movie a hit even though I believe Kyle Chandler might have had a standing chance in the role of Cable. While Cable does have some thick skin (anyone would after seeing everyone you possibly know murdered), he has a bit of a soft side to him which I think Chandler could play very well. Even though Ron Perlman would be awesome to see on screen as Cable, he’s got too much of a bad guy vibe and it might throw some viewers off as to what type of character Cable truly is. Chandler definitely has the build, and can put on a mean mug, but after all, Reynolds is the star of the film and it might help if he’s able to find someone who will have better on-screen chemistry with him.

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Even though Miller’s leave is confirmed, Fox has set him up with another project, INFLUX. INFLUX is a hard science fiction novel which was released in 2014 by author Daniel Suarez. I’m sure Miller is excited to tackle on another project, but directing DEADPOOL had to have been an unforgettable experience.

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It’s still a bit early to tell whether or not the movie’s release date will get pushed back, especially after Miller’s exit, but the movie starts filming in early 2017 and is expected to hit the big screen in 2018.


  1. Karen Peguero

    November 23, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    I’m not disappointing with the changes at all. I believe Reynolds made this movie a success. Miller can task on the other projects. The sequel is in good hands.


  2. Darwin

    November 11, 2016 at 3:03 am

    I don’t know, always scary to shake up a sequel with a director shift – especially when the first one came together with such vision and connected with it’s audience so effectively. Hope you’re right about Kyle Chandler still being in the mix – because I believe he does have the versatility to carry the role better than any of those guys, and his cross-market appeal to women will make this a better movie to bring my girlfriend to. I wonder if Ryan Reynolds is just being a diva because he wants to play the only three-dimensional role in the script.


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