Kes R., Kara K., Isa S., and Gretchen S.

Cosplays: Fukutomi, Arakita, Shinkai, Manami from YOWAMUSHI PEDAL 

What was your first anime and how old were you?


Kara – SPEED RACER, “really young. My dad was a weeb.”

Isa – Inuyasha, 13 years old

Gretchen – SHIGIYUGI, in 2003

Ian P.

Cosplay: Waifu Pillow

Why do you love anime?

“It’s fun to watch. Also, there’s some really inspiring stories!”

Sandy L.

Cosplay: Misa Amane from DEATH NOTE 

What is your favorite anime and why?

“FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD because it fits all the type of genres. You get a bit of everything. And it teaches you a lot about life.”

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Ex  (@ExcessiveExclusives)

Cosplay: Excessive the Demon Prince 

Why do you love anime?

“I think, number one, it has to be the culture. That’s coming from a place that we either don’t see a lot or don’t understand a lot . . . The second thing is, there’s nothing American about it, at all, whatsoever. You know, Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry don’t look like Yoko from GURREN LAGANN. They don’t look like Sailor Moon.”

Heather A., Emily M. and Taylor R.

Cosplays: Team Skull Grunts from POKÉMON 

What was your first anime and how old were you?

Heather – THE SLAYERS, 9 years old

Emily – THE SLAYERS, unsure

Taylor – POKÉMON, 7 years old

Burlap Suture

Cosplay: Burlap Mimikyu from POKÉMON 

Why do you love cosplaying?

“It’s a way to have fun, be weird, and show talent.”

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Jess (@JessaKidding) and Ronnie (@justagh0stgirlcosplay)

Cosplays: Kikyo and Kagome Higurashi from INUYASHA

Why do you love anime?

Jess – “Because it’s something you cannot do. It’s physically impossible to be these characters and they’re so cute. They do these amazing really relatable things that are just so dynamic. That’s why I love anime.”

Ronnie – “Same!”

Ashley J.

Cosplay: Nico from NANBAKA 

What was your first anime and how old were you?

DRAGON BALL, 11-13 years old

Camille M. and Emay L.

Cosplay: Sawamura Eijun and Kuramochi Youichi from ACE OF DIAMOND 

Why do you love anime?

Camille – “Anime is a lot of fun and it’s also a good way to escape after a long day at work. It’s a good way to just relax. It’s made me connect with a lot of people. We started talking because of [ACE OF DIAMOND].”

Emay – “It’s just an escape from real life for a while. You can just immerse yourself in a different world. It’s kind of like with books.”

Kimberly O.

Cosplay: Japanese Battle-Ready Schoolgirl 

Why do you love cosplaying?

“Even as a little girl, I always loved dressing up. I would literally just go into the closet and create all these different characters and just knowing that I can dress up as my favorite characters or anything I invent is just amazing to me.”

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Ayur and Candace C.

Cosplays: Ciel and Solace from ELSWORD 

Why do you love anime?

Ayur – “It’s what gets me to wake up every morning and it’s also what makes me come home every day!”

Candace – “I love anime because it has a lot of meanings to life and it’s a visual story of how people go through struggles in life. You don’t really have that much in American cartoons. So anime is what taught me that.”

Israel W. and Brittney R.

Cosplays: Batou and Major from GHOST IN THE SHELL 

What was your first anime and how old were you?

Israel – ROBOTECH, 8 years old

Brittney – THE SWORD, 28 years old

Pete S.

Cosplay: Phichit Chulanont from YURI!!! ON ICE 

Why do you love anime?

“I’ve always loved anime. I’ve watched it since I was in elementary school. I’m always looking for anime that just makes me feel really happy. Anime just makes me happy. That’s why I watch it.”

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Don’t you just love cosplay?

Honestly, Buff Magikarp, you were my favorite!

Note: All responses were edited for length and clarity. All usernames included reflect the cosplayers’ Instagram accounts.

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