Andrew R. and Martin O.

Cosplays: Victor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki from YURI!!! ON ICE

Why do you love anime?

Andrew – “I tend to find that the stories relate really well with, at least, my experiences in life . . . The outlooks that seem to be presented in anime are exceptionally positive compared to what we see in western shows. The drama’s not so overblown that it feels fake and it tends to be done in a way that’s actually relatable enough so that the stories really communicate something.”

Martin – “I like the art of it. The writing, the art style, the action and all that. I think it’s very compelling. It’s very interesting. Especially when it’s the art as well as the story.”

Stephanie C.

Cosplay: Elementalist Lux Ice from LEAGUE OF LEGENDS

What is your favorite anime and why?

“If movies count, I think MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO is my favorite. I watched it with my family when I was really young and it was the first real anime thing that I watched. Since then, it’s held a really special place in my heart. Every time I see something [MY NEIGHBOR] TOTORO, I send a picture of it to my mom and my mom does the same thing to me. It’s something really sentimental for me.”

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Jennifer R. (@Jinglehooboo) and Cassidy N. (@Cassiopeia)

Cosplays: Lilith from DARKSTALKERS and Howl Pendragon from HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE

Why do you love cosplaying?

Jennifer – “Because I can be anything I want to be.”

Cassidy – “Because it lets me be creative in a way that everyone else can see.”

Avery F.

Cosplay: Tsuyu Asui from MY HERO ACADEMIA

What was your first anime and how old were you?

POKÉMON, 10 years old.

Ian K.

Cosplay: Soma Yukihira from FOOD WARS!

Why do you love anime?

“Honestly, it’s kind of the same reason why I enjoy regular, for lack of a better word, American comics. It’s a way to escape from reality, especially at my age. I’m a 30-year-old man. I work my butt off every day. It’s nice to escape from reality reading a story about pirates or ninjas or people fighting in cooking battles in high school, what have you. It’s just something fun. You never really grow out of stuff like that.”

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Shawn F.

Cosplay: Genos from ONE PUNCH MAN

What is your favorite anime and why?

“GURREN LAGANN or ONE PUNCH MAN. Both because they both offer good animation with the action. It’s really fluid. And [they] have a lot of good [comedic] taste to [them].”

Madelyn L.

Cosplay: San from PRINCESS MONONOKE 

Why do you love cosplaying?

“I made a lot of friends through it. I’ve always been a really creative person. So it gives me a nice hobby to be creative in my free time. I’ve really learned a lot and I’ve really grown as a person through it. I think it’s really helped me.”

Megan F. (@i_aint_no_pie)

Cosplay: Kofuku Ebisu from NORAGAMI 

Why do you love anime?

“Because it helped me through a lot. It’s helped take me out of my dark stages of life.”

Kendou T. and Lauren L.

Cosplay: Kobayashi and Tohru from MISS KOBAYASHI’S DRAGON MAID 

What was your first anime and how old were you?

Lauren – KENSHIN, 8 years old

Kendo – SAILOR MOON and DRAGON BALL Z, 12 years old 

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Cosplay: Pharah in Jackal Skin from OVERWATCH

What is your favorite anime and why?

“Naruto, because it has so many interesting things going on and it’s a really good anime in general.”

Andrew R., Miyuki K. and Louie M.

Cosplay: Guts, Casca, and Guts from BERSEK

What was your first anime and how old were you?

Andrew – DRAGON BALL, “young.”

Miyuki – POKÉMON, unspecified

Louie – DRAGON BALL, 6-7 years old

Amy C. (@chopsticksxchan)

Cosplay: Mitsuha Miyamizu from YOUR NAME 

Why do you love cosplaying?

“I meet a lot of people through it. Cosplaying is just a whatever hobby for me, but the people I meet through it become lifetime friends. It’s kind of awesome.”

Betten J. and Donovan R. (@cleaningcrewcosplay)

Cosplays: Cleaning Levi and Fancy Titan from ATTACK ON TITAN

Why do you love anime?

Betten – “I love it because there’s something so unique about it. The worlds that are described and the people in them are just so relatable and at the same time so likable. I know because we dressed up in ATTACK ON TITAN, that’s my favorite one because I relate to the characters. The character I am, Levi, he’s my favorite because he’s a clean-freak and I have OCD. You just fall in love with the characters and the environment. And the stories are just amazing!”

Donovan – “The story telling and all the art styles are all so different from each other. There [are] so many things out there in so many different, wonderful ways. There’s something out there for everybody. There’s something that a lot of people enjoy and there’s some that just a few are passionate about. But there are so many wonderful experiences out there and to be able to connect to other people at a con like this with people who enjoy the same thing you do is really just a wonderful experience.”

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Jennifer N., Alex N., and Alan L.

Cosplays: Cubone, Magikarp, and Piplup from POKÉMON 

What was your first anime and how old were you?

Jennifer – INUYASHA, 7 years old

ALAN – INUYASHA, 10 years old

Alex – JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES, 10-11 years old

Matthew P.

Cosplay: Aku from SAMURAI JACK 

What is your favorite anime and why?

“It’s DRAGON BALL or JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE because those are some classics right there. You can’t go anime without DRAGON BALL or JOJO.”

Jack G. and Melat W.

Cosplays: Sadao Maou and Chiho Sasaki from THE DEVIL IS A PART-TIMER 

Why do you love cosplaying?

Jack – “I love making costumes. It’s really interesting to me because you really have to think about how that character looks in reality and how you can interpret that 2D character into something that you can be yourself.”

Melat – “It’s a lot of fun when you fall in love with a character you’re watching and you get to be them and emanate all the things you love about them. And when I put on the costume I’m all the great things that I love.”

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Samantha H.

Cosplay: Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino from SAILOR MOON 

Why do you love anime?

“I love anime because of childhood nostalgia. But it also makes me feel innocent and fun, and it kind of creates a sense of wonder that we don’t have in a lot of media today.”

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