This is Tuned In, a series about all the weird and interesting ways we interact with anime, and the diverse opinions we have about it.

One of the best things about any convention has to be the cosplays. I mean, what’s there not to love? Seeing people dressed up as characters from shows I watch makes my fangirl heart swoon! As a frequent con-goer, I’ve seen a lot of cosplays. From Harley Quinn to Negan, and even to Jesus Christ, there’s never a lack of interesting (and highly unexpected) characters. Usually, at comic conventions, there are not very many anime cosplays. I know since I’ve been that lone anime cosplayer in the past.

But that’s where Anime Expo holds a very special place in my heart. There wasn’t a second passing where I wasn’t recognizing a character from a show I love, or one that my friends love, or one that a complete stranger on the internet told me about (it happens). And to add a cherry on top of a very delicious cake, I got to ask this year’s cosplayers one of four questions: why do you love anime, why do you love cosplaying, what was your first anime and how old were you, and what is your favorite anime and why.

I want to give a special thanks to my friend Jesse Meza for helping a newb like me take photos. You can find more of his cosplay photography on Flickr.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this article! Now without further ado, click on to check out some rad cosplays!

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