RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #20 is a turning point for one of the most significant narratives of this series! As Bizarro continues his mysterious isolation from his teammates, their concerns for him only escalate. In the previous issue, Red Hood and Artemis came to the agreement that they would keep an eye on their friend in order to figure out what was truly going on with him.

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Now, they may come to regret their decision as they finally discover Bizarro’s darkest secrets. So, how did this installment fare in the grand scheme of the series? Well, find out, right here!

red hood and the outlaws #20
RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #20. Page 4. Image courtesy of DC Comics.

Get Henched

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #20 kicks off with a young man getting a notification about a convention for henchmen through the mobile app, Henched. That’s right, you can connect with some of Gotham City’s most notorious villains through a modified version of LinkedIn. The man decides to attend the convention in an effort to make some good money. To his, and all the other attendees’, surprise though, Bizarro ambushes the event. He nearly kills everyone there until he comes to his senses and abruptly stops.

Interestingly, Red Hood was there to witness this ordeal in its entirety since he followed Bizarro as a result of his agreement with Artemis. He is shocked by Bizarro’s aggression, and he is uncertain of how far Bizarro is capable of taking it. Meanwhile, Artemis decides to snoop around Bizarro’s quarters only to discover the synthetic kryptonite bath he has been using to maintain his intellectual state. However, to her surprise, Bizarro catches her in the act and menacingly informs her that she has made a grave mistake.

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Scott Lobdell’s work on RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #20 brings more tension to the interactions between the characters. Throughout the issue, we are never entirely sure where Bizarro stands and how his teammates plan on handling the consequences of his state.

Thus, this issue successfully escalates the conflict of the series without being rushed. Bizarro’s secrets are beginning to unravel. As a result, the stability of The Outlaws themselves has become challenged. So, in regard to the upcoming installments of the series, we truly do not know what to expect. The team is at odds amongst themselves, and we certainly do not know who will prevail.


Dexter Soy brings some incredible panels to RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #20. His work is clean and consistent, paralleling the cohesion of the issue’s narrative. Throughout this series, Soy has maintained consistency in the way he depicts characters. So, once again, I admire his portrayal of this work’s primary anti-heroes.

There is an abundance of detail that truly bring them to life.

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Colorist Veronica Gandini establishes a wonderfully dark tone throughout this work, particularly upon the end of the issue. She places a great emphasis on that tone within Bizarro’s character himself. This creative decision ultimately exemplifies his conflicted nature.

Additionally, the tone renders him a haunting character that gives off a ghostly, intimidating vibe. Thus, the artistic detail of RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #20 elevates its quality and brings even more life to an already engaging narrative.

What Lies Beyond

The stakes have risen for The Outlaws. Now, they must face off against each other as the conclusion of this issue leaves us with an abundance of integral questions. What will become of the confrontation between Bizarro and Artemis? Does Red Hood trust Bizarro despite his actions at the henchmen convention?

Ultimately, the state of The Outlaws is in peril. Their integrity as a team has been compromised because of the secrets Bizarro has kept to himself since his regeneration. He is straddling the line between good and evil. So, the main question that remains is: which side will he inevitably fall into upon the end of this conflict?

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #20 by Scott Lobdell, Dexter Soy, and Veronica Gandini
RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #20 picks up the series' pace as it engages with its characters and brings them closer to the underlying, central conflict of the series.
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Intense and Fast-Paced
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