GODDESS MODE #2 by Zoë Quinn, Robbi Rodriguez, and Rico Renzi
Zoë Quinn introduces new heroes and their special powers. However, she focuses too much on one of those characters, making the introduction a little sour. Robbie Rodriguez and Rico Renzi create cool character designs for the Tall Poppies in the Analog world. Overall, GODDESS MODE #2 was pretty good, but small changes would've gone a long way.
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Pretty Good

The magical girl sci-fi series returns with more info on Azoth and the trio that saved Casandra in GODDESS MODE #2! Zoë Quinn delves into the world of Azoth, the secret inside the Analog. We also learn the complexity of each of the trio’s powers and who the antagonist seems to be. Artist Robbi Rodriguez and colorist Rico Renzi continue to impress with the illustrations and colors!

Warning, potential spoilers for GODDESS MODE #2 are below!

Let’s Get Techno Magic in GODDESS MODE #2

We pick up where we left off in Azoth. Cassandra and the Tall Poppies (the three women she met) fight monsters called Deamons. They meet the main Deamon — Antimony — who will presumably play a major part in this series, since we only learn so much about her in this installment. They return to the Analog a visit a dive bar called the Sad Dad. The leader of the Tall Poppies — Mary Levy — introduces herself, Farrah St. Germine, and Tatyanna Cole. They and Cassandra are Oracles, beings that can travel easily from the Analog to Azoth and vice versa.

One more brief tidbit worth mentioning is how complex the Oracle powers are. Each of them has their own abilities that are strongest in Azoth and altered in the Analog for different use. For example, Mary has the power of interpretation while in Azoth. Basically, she can read the action of her fellow Oracles. In the Analog, she has “super empathy.”

New Friends But Only One Shines

Mary, Farrah, and Tatyanna are all equally cool and powerful characters. However, only one of them gets extra attention, and that’s Mary. We find out about her hard past as a child. She was working in the entertainment sector; she claims that girls her age working in that industry see their fair share of monsters. However, Mary wasn’t ready when she first teleported to Azoth as an Oracle. She went with others, however, only she survived. Mary’s portrayed as a sort of savior to the rest of the girls. In the Analog, she’s a famous singer as well. The public knows Mary as Maid Marian.

GODDESS MODE #2 focuses on Mary so much, it even ends with her getting chomped on by a Daemon!

GODDESS MODE #2 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

It was nice to get background on Mary, however, that does somewhat take away from Farrah and Tatyanna’s introduction too. It sort of turned this reader off. Quinn probably should’ve waited to have Mary (presumably) killed off, as well as given Farrah and Tatyanna some time in the spotlight too. It would’ve been nice to know more their dynamic before potentially losing one of them.

Enjoyable Character Design and Interesting Color Choice

Since we first saw the Tall Poppies in their Azoth attire in GODDESS MODE #1, we’ll look at their Analog design here. First, Farrah kind of look like a female version of Space Dandy, especially in the hair. She’s got that anime bounty hunter aesthetic. Next, Tatyanna is a total goth and this reader LOVES her look so much. Last but not least, Mary looks like an 80s hair metal band member with a modern punk twist. Mary is a close second to Tatyanna’s outfit. Rodriguez did these ladies justice on their looks!

GODDESS MODE #2 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

As for Renzi’s colors, he picked a great palette for the Tall Poppies. They’re all colorful and appealing to the eye. The most interesting part of Renzi’s color choice is the last scene (when Mary gets chomped). The color of her blood is pink, instead of red. That choice is definitely either his personal aesthetic or a way of matching Mary’s overall color scheme.

What’s Next in GODDESS MODE #3?

Mary seems like she’s going to die, but who knows? Comic book characters have come back from worse! Will we learn more about Farrah and Tatyanna? Will Cassandra discover her powers? What will they be? Hopefully she’s an extremely important piece to a larger picture. We’ll hopefully find out in GODDESS MODE #3!

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