TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #11 by James Roberts, Jack Lawrence, and Andrew Griffith
TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #12 is jampacked with the right amount of suspense and excitement. James Roberts keeps you on the edge of your seat, providing twists and turns to keep you engaged. Jack Lawrence's clean and simple illustration aids Roberts, delivering the right facial reactions during the climactic peaks of the plot. Andrew Griffith is also featured in this issue; however, much of his artistic direction comes across as rough and cramped.
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Crossing Lines
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You guessed it! Just when the going gets tough, the treacherous and despicable get going. In the last issue, readers were able to see the extents Getaway was willing to go to ensure his captaincy was unquestioned. Despite Getaway’s drastic measures, he can’t get any worse, right? Turns out, yes, he can. TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #12 shows Atomizer finally acknowledging Getaway for the tyrant he is becoming and delves deeper into Getaway’s mindset on his right to bear the Prime title.

Writer James Roberts delivers a compelling and emotional rollercoaster. Some of the content will leave you angry, but for the right reasons. Illustrator Jack Lawrence captures Froid’s cunning and assessing looks when he regards Getaway. Lawrence’s artistic abilities extend to Getaway’s expressions when he is seen thinking critically about other bots. Illustrator Alex Griffith takes over with an interlude taking place outside of the Lost Light on another planet entirely. While the interlude is a much-needed respite after Getaway’s manipulative ultimatum, the immediate, significant difference between the styles felt cramped. Everything was trying to fit into certain frames and much of the details on faces lacked definition. However, the humor was enjoyable and an overall relief. Time will only tell when the interlude becomes relevant to the main plot. For the meanwhile, I was more than happy to see a couple of familiar faces getting into their usual trouble.

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Pushing the Boundaries

In the previous issue, there was a lot of outrage from some of the crew and returning crew over Getaway’s plans. Of course, they were within reason; he sent several mechs to their deaths against the Decepticon Justice Division and trapped certain members in endless memory loops. With Getaway, the ends justify the means. Whatever hinderance is in his way from reaching Cyberutopia or threatening his captaincy, Getaway is sure to have it removed — much like he did to Riptide by throwing him into an oil reservoir filled with scraplets. However, in TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #12, his most loyal partner-in-crime, Atomizer, finally chimes in. For all the foul acts Getaway has done, Atomizer has been willing to go along with them. Now, Getaway has finally pushed Atomizer over the edge. Atomizer realizes that they, or rather Getaway, is finally going too far off the deep end.

Transformers: Lost Light #12
Captain’s Rule #347: It’s all about hygiene, even when you send a bot to his death. Image courtesy of IDW Publishing.

Atomizer is gaining the conscious that Getaway has been lacking. This is something I really enjoyed. It shows that Atomizer isn’t entirely the face of villainy and that he still has his sense of right and wrong. He was willing to confess (albeit under orders) his thoughts to someone as dangerous as Getaway. The characters being fleshed out in this issue is a delight. It’s especially important to know how Atomizer feels and reacts as Getaway’s confidant. It draws a contrast. Atomizer being Getaway’s apathetic and lifeless yes-man would have reflected poorly on the plot. Instead, Atomizer has his own views that come to light which improves the narrative. Though the views he shares evidently provoked Getaway’s displeasure.

The Wannabe Prime

Transformers: Lost Light #12
Look at the beautiful, potential family photo! And then there’s Getaway. Image courtesy of IDW Publishing.

When Getaway feels like he has everyone wrapped around his finger and Cybertopia is in his grasp, who can blame his grand dreams? Froid validates him. If anything, Froid gets a kick out of entertaining any idea that seems to come to Getaway’s mind. Nothing like having an evil psychologist stroke the ego of morally rogue Autobot. While I might not have wanted to see certain character’s fate end so abruptly, this particular section of the comic really stood out to me in terms of characterization. It reveals a lot about how Getaway “Prime” wants you to see him.

The deaths of several characters in the issue have drifted Getaway further away from the Prime title. Not that he was ever close to bearing the title, to begin with. The demise of one character, in particular, was gruesome, but fitting of Getaway’s cruelty up to this point. The death was essential as it triggered Atomizer to act against Getaway’s battle orders. Still, the character’s death felt cheated. You see the character for a very short span of time and immediately they are gone as other elements are explored. Considering how much importance this character held before, it does not seem right to write their fate off so quickly and unexpectedly. Regardless, “dead” is how Getaway “Prime” wants his bots anyway.

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Pause Button

In true TRANSFORMERS fashion, something small will always lead to something big. Without giving away spoilers, the interlude provides a large window of possibilities for events that could occur and how they will be interwoven into the main storyline. The interlude acts as a buffer from the primary sequence of the plot with the mutineers, which I appreciate because it features the return of my favorite hot mess, trouble-finding team.

Since these group of characters seem to gravitate to chaos, they happen to stumble into on warfront between organics and machines. Not only do they have to find themselves a way to get out of the battle, they have to avoid falling under the optics of their former boss who’s fighting on the frontlines. I’m always down to see what Roberts has cooking in this grand story of his. If the interlude happens to play a big role later or turns out to be its own stand-alone story (which is unlikely) then so be it! Roberts has gone above and beyond with my expectations, so I know I am going to enjoy the contribution of the interlude even more in the long run.

Final Thoughts on TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #12

For TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #12, Jack Lawrence has outdone himself in this issue. As the narrative progressed and a lot of opinions were thrown out against Getaway, Getaway’s wariness and hostility were expressed outstandingly. Considering several mechs lack a visible mouth, it is not always an easy task to have some robots come across as emotive. When Getaway discusses through an entire monologue of bearing the title of Primacy, this was the height of his arrogance. Jack Lawrence incorporates Getaway’s arrogance and self-entitlement through this issue to perfection. In the interlude, the spacious panels and refined lines in Lawrence’s style were not prevalent with Griffith. A lot of the panels were tight and too many characters tried fitting into the limited number of panels. The art shift, however, works well as a transitory element from the main story to something else happening entirely in a different world.


TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #12 has a wonderful ensemble of humor, disbelief, and horror gift-wrapped perfectly for the Holidays! Nothing sets the mood quite like Getaway’s plans crossing every line there possibly is! In all honesty, it was an engaging issue which features an interlude that I did not anticipate but definitely enjoyed for the sake of a breather in the growing tension. This issue is a joy to read that I already can’t wait to get my hands on the next installment!

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