TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #11 provides a spectacular insight of Getaway's character and the horrifying extents he's willing to go to reach Cyberutopia. However, the issue maintains a very linear plot from start to finish with little of the story taking place anywhere else.
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Make some room! Just when you think a character can’t sink any lower, Getaway is here to ensure loyalty through horrifying means, casually blurring the lines of his mutineer crew’s morality. In TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #11, written by James Roberts and illustrated by Jack Lawrence and Alex Milne, we learn how Getaway staged a mutiny against Rodimus and his crew. So much for eons of civil war between Autobots and Decepticons! Now it’s Getaway’s band of Autobots against Rodimus’ group of Autobots trying to find Cyberutopia first. Readers will learn the context of the memory loops (which renders the effected mech unable to distinguish whether they are alive by having a certain event replay over and over again) that appeared in the last issue after First Aid uncovered the truth of the mutinous Getaway’s deeds.

While Getaway may have become the new captain of the Lost Light, his lies are surfacing, and his crew is starting to notice. However, we take it back a bit to when the plan was first initiated prior to Rodimus’ and his crew’s departure to the Necroworld. Who better to tell it than Getaway himself? In this issue, Getaway recounts everything that has occurred in a therapy session!

Transformers: Lost Light #11
Image courtesy of IDW Publishing.

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Traitors Wanted

It comes to no one’s surprise when Getaway discloses he’s losing track of what has been told various mechs. Master escapologist and master liar go hand-in-hand. Especially since Getaway never admits the whole truth to anyone, regardless of their pledged loyalty to him. All things considered, Getaway would have made a stellar Decepticon. Still, you can’t exactly take down Megatron that easily. Nor can you take down Megatron’s stubborn, hot-headed co-captain, Rodimus, without recruiting enough numbers. Getaway enlists a handful of average mechs, including his biggest success, Thunderclash, or the “Glorified Trophy Cabinet” as Getaway describes him.

Transformers: Lost Light #11
Image courtesy of IDW Publishing.

Color me surprised to see Froid as Getaway’s therapist. At this point, seeing him around was a bonus, so big kudos to Roberts! The rest of the comic continues through Getaway’s narrative, which, as revealing as it is (or as much as Getaway can be), there’s not much else that goes on. The setting remains rather stagnant. There is no indication of anything else outside the Lost Light, nor is there any hint of what Rodimus and his crew are doing. Essentially, there isn’t much spontaneity or excitement. Some previous issues had them, some didn’t — and this happens to fall into the latter.

Transformers: Lost Light #11
Image courtesy of IDW Publishing.

However, the rest of the plot still earns its high merits! Questions, like how did Getaway plot against the other half of the crew and how he trapped First Aid in a memory loop, are answered! This issue explored the depth of Getaway’s character, and it feels like a refreshing pause before Getaway gets what’s coming to him. What that may be, who knows. However, the next issue provides some ideas.

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Lost Light Under New Captaincy

TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #11 features Getaway in the spotlight. Getaway is naturally full of himself and prided his own skills to get out of any situation. For example, Getaway didn’t have to stroke Thunderclash’s ego, but he admits that he had other means of coercion as back-up. Which, when it comes down to it, isn’t surprising considering everything Getaway has done to ensure the crew reaches Cyberutopia. Look at Mainframe: there’s nothing more uplifting to Mainframe’s “lonely” disposition than being told he’s smart — smarter than the Lost Lights deserve.

We have seen this happen once before. Getaway groomed Tailgate just enough to convince him to sneak into Megatron’s quarters back in TRANSFORMERS: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE #47. In this issue, Getaway makes mention of meeting up with Tailgate to “hold hands and talk about feelings.” Of course, nothing is ever wholesome with Getaway, or particularly truthful when he ends up lying, lying, and lying some more. No wonder Getaway loses track of his lies!

Transformers: Lost Light #11
Image courtesy of IDW Publishing.

I like to imagine Getaway’s frustration and resentment when he receives that transmission from Rodimus. After all, Getaway was just hanging around, suspended by what was left of his limbs because of Rodimus sentencing him there as punishment in the first place. Having someone help Getaway is one thing, but having another repair him? Must be a jab to his overinflated ego. When Getaway mentioned he considered “predatory” a compliment, it got me considering his earlier admissions.

As readers, we see on the sidelines how he prowled for the weakest links; how Getaway tailors his compliments to have a mech wrapped around his finger so he can utilize them later. He is a natural born predator with Decepticon qualities through and through. Getaway will absolutely sabotage or do away with something without any qualms and resort to extreme measures. He’s the perfect antagonist in sheep’s clothing, exhibiting a lack of remorse for his actions, which this issue nails in demonstrating! Admittedly, that’s all you can get out of the issue: Getaway’s character, but not much of anyone else present.

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The issue ran in one style consistently, which was illustrated by Lawrence. We can recognize Lawrence right away since he started illustrating TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT since issue #1. The colors then become a bit more subdued, and the mech’s lining was significantly slimmer than Lawrence’s usual bold strokes. The detail of some characters became noticeable — there were chips and cracks in the armor! Visible exhaustion under their optics! These are not often reflected in Lawrence’s work. It took a second longer than it should have before I realized — and jumped in excitement at seeing — Milne drew two scenes in TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #11.

Lawrence has a knack for dynamic features, which goes together with the vibrant inking. He emphasizes exaggeration in some character’s facial expressions; however, not much consideration is given to the body of these various mechs. Such as dents and cracks, which should be telling on creatures who have lived for billions of years rather than having a flawless finish. The subdued color might have been the reason that I did not recognize Milne straight away when he stepped in. Normally there’s a little bit of a pop of color to complement his illustrations. I’ll admit, as happy as I was, it felt bittersweet because Milne left within a very short time and there wasn’t much attention to the background. I understand though — a person can only cover so much in two pages.

The art switching styles is not news to me. It is often done in the other TRANSFORMERS comics, but the timing felt off this time around. It was sudden, brief, oddly placed so early in the issue, and slightly disappointing how short the shift was.

Final Thoughts on TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #11

Still, this comic comes across as a personally gift-wrapped Thanksgiving present. Milne returns in this issue! Despite his contribution only spanning two pages, it personally brought me back to TRANSFORMERS: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. Roberts tweeted a while back that Milne would return for a standalone issue, but would also be back for the long haul.

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TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #11 offers an engaging, if not disturbing, perspective to Getaway’s subterfuge. It was a solid, enjoyable issue! TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #11 made me whisper “Oh no” when Getaway reveals who he employed to assist him with the memory loops. Get ready to see a particularly familiar face again!

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