Like most gamers, I tend to play a lot of the new releases. However, there is always a part of me that wants to revisit some of my childhood favorites. Last year’s CRASH BANDICOOT N. SANE TRILOGY and the upcoming SPYRO REIGNITED TRILOGY are complete remakes of two of my favorite franchises. This got me thinking: What other games would I want to re-experience with a fresh coat of paint?

Below I have listed five games that I think most warrant a remake. As with any top five list, this list represents my opinions — I’m only writing about games that I have played, so your list would probably quite different!

Before we start, I want to go over the differences between some “re-” words, for those who may be confused.


Remakes vs Reboots vs Remasters

When thinking about reviving older game franchises, three “re-” words come to mind: Remakes, Reboots, and Remasters. All three have different meanings and I’ll be using each, so let’s take some time to differentiate.

Remakes are just what the name implies: making a previously released game another time. The aforementioned CRASH and SPYRO trilogies are two examples of remakes. While the games and gameplay are (pretty much) identical to their PlayStation 1 counterparts, remakes are completely rebuilt from the ground up to make better use of modern technology. This list will focus primarily on desired remakes unless specified otherwise.

Reboots are retellings/reimaginings of older games and are also built from the ground up. 2016’s RATCHET & CLANK is a good example: it follows the same general story of the 2002 original, but the gameplay and stages highly differ.

Remasters are re-releases of old games, just with newer, prettier textures slapped on. This is the easiest way to bring an older game to newer audiences, hence why it is the most common. Look at the comically long title of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 FINAL CHAPTER PROLOGUE as an example.

Now that we’re done talking about the three “re-” words (using many more to explain them), let’s move on to the list!


Originally released in 2002

Out of all of the games on this list, my personal bias shines strongest with SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE. In fact, it would have placed at the top spot if not for 2017’s SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY, which not only dethroned SUNSHINE as my favorite MARIO game but my favorite game of all time. MARIO is one of Nintendo’s most popular, so why do I want a remake of SUNSHINE?


SUNSHINE is one of the most under-appreciated MARIO games. SUPER MARIO 64 received a remake on the Nintendo DS, and SUPER MARIO GALAXY received a sequel on the Wii. Even ODYSSEY is still receiving a constant stream of DLC. SUNSHINE is the only 3D MARIO game that’s left out of the fun.

Nintendo has a great track record with remasters. Here’s looking at ZELDA: WIND WAKER HD, which is even more beautiful than the original, so I would even be happy with similar treatment for SUNSHINE. A release on the Switch would be perfect. The thought of being able to play SUNSHINE on the go is admittedly making me grin.

SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE gets a lot of flak for differing so much from the other 3D MARIO games, but who cares? When not compared to other games in the series, SUNSHINE is objectively a ton of fun — it deserves some more love!

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My relationship with TIMESPLITTERS is different from the other games here. For starters, I never owned it! My cousin Scott owned the TIMESPLITTERS games so I only played them at his house.

TIMESPLITTERS is one of the few “rated M” franchises I loved as a kid — shooters are not really my thing (a complete shocker, judging by the rest of this list). The reason I like TIMESPLITTERS is that the game is just so goofy. There are tons of unique characters to choose from, ranging from people, robots, monkeys, and a walking glove, to name a few. I never even played the campaign modes. Messing around in multiplayer is fun enough to make me want a remake!

I am by no means the biggest TIMESPLITTERS fan out there, but I know that a remake or a sequel is high in demand. The game is just oozing with an unusual combo of gore and fun charm. It really needs to make its debut on HD consoles.

TIMESPLITTERS: FUTURE PERFECT is my favorite of the series.


Originally released in 1991

64th STREET is a classic arcade beat em’ up. While this genre was huge in the ’90s, 64th STREET holds the most meaning to me personally.

64th STREET: A DETECTIVE STORY is some good old, beat em’ up fun.

When I was younger, my grandparents bought an Ultracade arcade cabinet — one of those cabinets that comes preloaded with hundreds of games. Out of all of the games on the machine, 64th STREET was by far my favorite; it is still the game that my cousin and I return to time and time again. We even talked about going as the two main characters, Rick the detective and Allen the young delinquent, to New York Comic Con one year!

64th STREET takes the #3 spot on this list because it is my favorite beat em’ up, but the spot really belongs to all the beat em’ ups from this era. I would absolutely love a 64th STREET remake, but I’d mainly want to see a reboot of the whole genre with a modern day, true to form beat em’ up. This genre is not nearly as popular as it once was, so I’ll keep my hopes up for now.

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#2: WARIOWARE Franchise

Latest Release: GAME & WARIO (2013)

The WARIOWARE games are simple, frantic fun at its finest. Players must complete a constant slew of “microgames,” which are five second long games that give a simple task such as “pluck the nose hair,” or “stay under an umbrella!” Half the fun with these games is figuring out what to even do with such a short time limit.

My favorite game in this franchise is definitely the Nintendo Wii’s WARIOWARE SMOOTH MOVES. I’d love to see this franchise come back sometime…

…wait a minute. WARIOWARE GOLD is coming out on the 3DS in just a few weeks? I guess I need to think of another game for the #2 spot, then.

I have countless fond memories of playing WARIOWARE SMOOTH MOVES

…actually #2: WARIO WORLD

Originally Released in 2003

Sticking with the WARIO theme, WARIO WORLD is one of my favorite GameCube games and is Wario’s only 3D platforming adventure.

game remakes warioworld
WARIOWORLD: One of the GameCube’s most unique platformers.

WARIO WORLD’s gameplay differs highly from any other 3D MARIO game, much like how the titular characters are near-opposites. Primarily, WARIO WORLD’s focus is on combat; the game is pretty much a 3D beat em’ up. Wario can punch enemies, lift them, spin and throw them, the list goes on. This, in conjunction with mainly linear stages and 3D, perspective-based puzzles, makes WARIO WORLD a Nintendo platformer like no other.

WARIO WORLD is definitely a game I would like to re-experience. Sure, a remake of the GameCube original would be nice, but I’d really want a full-blown sequel for this spot. Wario primarily appears in spin-offs; he’s long overdue for another adventure (hopefully featuring Waluigi as well).

#1: APE ESCAPE Franchise:

Latest main-series release: APE ESCAPE 3 (2005)

Last but certainly not least is APE ESCAPE, one of my favorite 3D platformer series. All three APE ESCAPE games are honestly some of the strangest that I’ve ever played. Players must catch mind-controlled monkeys using various gadgets, having to travel through time and space to do so. APE ESCAPE’s gameplay varies so much that any subsequent playthrough leaves me smiling from start to finish.

game remakes ape escape
APE ESCAPE 3’s Kei goes after one of the game’s hundreds of monkeys.

Despite its nonsensical plot, the original APE ESCAPE is one of the most innovative games of the PlayStation era. The game was the first to require the use of the Dualshock controller (the controller that first used two analog sticks which have since become an industry standard).

Players control their character with the left stick but use all sorts of weapons and gadgets with the right stick. This control seems unlike anything else I’ve seen, but it is very satisfying to play with. So, APE ESCAPE plays such a huge role in video game history — why aren’t there more games? My hopes are higher because of APE ESCAPE 2’s re-release on the PlayStation 4 in 2016, but there has been no news of other games since.

I’m not picky. I’m fine with more re-releases, remakes, reboots — whatever! I just want some more APE ESCAPE!

Game Over

Well, this list is just about wrapped up! This is by no means a definitive ranking of games that deserve remakes, just five of my favorites that I’d love to play again. There are countless games out there that deserve more attention; I doubt any two people have the same list of games. Who knows, I may even have to remake this list somewhere down the line!

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