Have you ever seen a character so creepy, so utterly unnerving, that they end up staying with you forever? Or, they leave such a lasting impression on you that they turn out to be the most memorable part of the show or movie you saw them in? Well us anime fans have a whole lot of characters like these. They’re all usually the creepiest characters in the anime they’re in. By the way they move, the way they talk, and not to mention by the stomach-turning atrocities they commit. So, for Halloween, we’ve compiled a short list of the creepiest anime characters we know for your scare-obsessed pleasure!


Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist stares creepily at the camera
Shou Tucker about to ruin everyone’s day | Image: Netflix

When it comes right down to it, some of the creepiest characters are the ones that seem almost normal. Anyone familiar with FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST can remember loving that good dad, Shou Tucker. He was a family guy, just trying his best to support his daughter by keeping up with his state alchemist certifications. And then the other shoe drops and you find out which of those two things he’s more concerned with. (Hint: It wasn’t his daughter.)

While some of the cast of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST boast disturbing supernatural abilities, Shou Tucker just needs to smile and you’re instantly uneased. He’s that subtle “he was just so quiet” kind of creepy in the worst way possible. Some series will throw horror and gore at you to ramp up the creep factor, but not here. The ease with which Shou Tucker takes his daughter apart and pieces her back together with the family dog is something else entirely. The Elric brothers aren’t the only ones still having nightmares about this, that’s for sure. (Kaitie Kwiatkowski)


L’il Slugger standing holds his bat over his head ready to strike
Beware the sound of rollerblades. | Image: Villains Wiki

From the limited anime series, PARANOIA AGENT, L’il Slugger could make this list for his aesthetic alone. Armed with a bat, some knee pads, and a pair of shiny rollerblades, nothing says creepy like a kid assaulting people on the street. No one in this anime was safe from L’il Slugger’s all-reaching grasp as almost every character in the show had a run-in with the young assailant. But, what if I told you there was a way to make the little tyke even creepier? What if I told you, he wasn’t even real?

That’s right, midway into PARANOIA AGENT, it is revealed that L’il Slugger isn’t real. He’s a figment of everybody’s imagination, a physical manifestation of people’s fears and paranoia. Originally, a character in the show made up L’il Slugger after a nervous breakdown. Her tantrum was so severe that she started hitting herself over and over again. When questioned by the police, she told them that she was assaulted by none other than…a little boy in rollerblades. The woman who conceived the lie was a famous author so the story quickly went public.

After the story went public, people around town only added to the myth surrounding L’il Slugger. Eventually, the rumors got to a point where townsfolk actually believed they saw him if something traumatic was happening. He was a physical manifestation of emotional trauma, which meant no one was safe from him. You didn’t fall down the stairs, L’il Slugger pushed you. You didn’t lose your wallet, L’il Slugger stole it. By ascending into the collective unconscious, L’il Slugger is both nowhere and everywhere, making him a force to be reckoned with. And a creepy ass anime character. (Jon Ellis)


The minotaur stands in front of Black at the end of TEKKONKINKREET
The minotaur getting ready to strike | Image: YouTube

The 2006 anime film TEKKONKINKREET is already pretty well-known for its creepy and unusual art style. So its no wonder one of the creepiest characters I’ve ever seen came out of it. The two young orphan protagonists, Kuro (Black) and Shiro (White) struggle to live in the streets of a crime-riddled city. Black is the oldest and tries to both care for and protect White since he’s so innocent. However, crime becomes chaotic when an otherworldly menace and his henchman take over the city. Because of this, local police take White into protective custody. Having the only innocent thing in his life, as well as his only family, taken away causes Black to snap.

You see, Black and White are metaphors for yin and yang. Once Black is left alone in a city full of darkness, his darkness is all that’s left. Thus, the minotaur was born. Other street children spread rumors of the demented minotaur as Black slips more and more into insanity. Its built up until the very end. At the climax of the film, when the villain’s henchmen are about to kill Black, the rumored minotaur is finally revealed.

As it drops from the sky, the once consistent movie soundtrack transforms into a deep, booming ambiance. It speaks to Black in distorted whispers before it rushes the henchmen and stabs them to death. These henchman, by the way, were almost impossible to kill throughout the film. Yet the minotaur destroys them with ease. It then lures Black even further into madness as it tempts him into believing that the dark is better than light.

It bends, twitches, and whispers to surrender to the dark; the minotaur is indeed the creepiest anime character I know of. (Samantha Herrera)

Shogo Makishima – PSYCHO-PASS

Shogo Makishima has a captive and wields a gun, yet the Sibyl System reads that he is not a target for enforcement action
Even when apprehended for kidnapping, the Sibyl System reads Shogo’s mental state as crystal clear | Image: Crunchyroll

When it comes to creepy anime characters, PSYCHO-PASS takes the cake with its controversial antagonist, Shogo Makishima. Society in PSYCHO-PASS hinges on the use of the Sibyl System, a technology that scans the mental state of citizens and categorizes them accordingly. It’s a very black-and-white world where even the slightest of mental disturbances can send an innocent heart to the chopping block. However, not everyone can be accurately judged.

Shogo Makishima is a rare character who is “criminally asymptomatic”. No matter how many violent, gruesome crimes he commits, the Sibyl System consistently judges him as harmless, leaving law enforcers unable to apprehend him. Far from being innocent, Shogo toys with the world, stirring up violence for the sake of dismantling the Sibyl System. But what is most eerie about Shogo is his inability to realize the injustice of his own actions.

The Sibyl System cannot categorize him accurately because he believes that his actions are intrinsically good. His mentality is almost sympathetic; he truly believes that every crime he commits is justified in retaliation to the Sibyl System and the unlucky hand the world dealt to him in childhood. Shogo represents the creepiest, most terrifying type of villain: one who wholeheartedly believes his actions are good and sees little value in human life except as a tool. (Summer Buffin)

The Creepiest of the Anime Creeps

Creepy characters are fairly common in anime no matter the genre. Yet there will always be the ones that really stay in your mind’s eye. The four listed here stuck out as disturbing not just because they may have smiled a little too wide or they sounded a little too unhinged. They were also unfeelingly brutal and unapologetically inhuman. Hope you enjoyed these traumatizing folks for the end of your Spooktober!

Did your favorite creep make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image via YouTube.

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