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At ComicsVerse, we value the opinions and interests of all. We share a few of those opinions and interests in our show, ComicsVerse’s Top 5! This episode is about the most unbelievable MY HERO ACADEMIA theories!

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Everyone knows that when a show becomes popular some fans tend to get a little..errr.. eccentric. And with the most popular anime right now being My Hero Academia it’s no surprise that these type of fans are trying to squeeze as much content from it as humanly possible.

Hey, it’s Sam and this is the top 5 most unbelievable My Hero Academia theories. Be sure to like and subscribe for more top 5’s. Check out to find podcasts, reviews, interviews, and videos.

Two things to note: one. These are mainly for the anime and two. Completely plausible theories aren’t included.
Adjust those tinfoil hats and let’s get started.

Number 5: Kaminari Is The Traitor

With Bakugos capture arc finally concluded, we’re all left to wonder yet again who the traitor among the heroes is. This popular theory of the goofy and dumb student, Kaminari, being the traitor is pretty hilarious, but could it be true? Afterall, his silly demeanor COULD be just an act. Also, his electricity power makes him a candidate for the one who blocked the signals in the USJ arc. Fans originally loved joking about this theory because of Horikoshi’s shady sketches of him. The unlikeliness is what makes it amusing, but I really hope this sweet boy is innocent.

At Number 4: Shigaraki’s Hands Are The Hands of Dead People

This theory is unbelievable, less because it’s unlikely and more because it’s pretty morbid for such a lighthearted show. This villain is covered in these weird hand attachments and when he references the one on his face he mentions his father. I always assumed he just had daddy issues and needs constant physical contact because of it. However, the theory states that these hands could be attached to his Quirk. The hands may be the previous bearers of his Quirk, making the Quirk stronger the more he has on. This explains why he has more during battles. His dead father’s dismembered hand is always on his face, so this theory is pretty gross if true.

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Number 3: My Hero Academia’s Mineta Will Be One Of The Greatest Heroes

Mineta is the most hated character in all of My Hero Academia (and for good reason), so the fact that this theory even exists is mind-boggling. Mineta is the epitome of what makes a lot of anime bad: pervertedness. His character doesn’t go beyond being the perverted comedy relief, but, I hate to say it, this theory shows some of his OP aspects. He is one of the smartest students in his class and has proven his strategic ability during UA’s tests and challenges. Despite how weak he is, his Quirk, when used properly, could pretty much hold back almost any villain. His Quirk combined with his intelligence gives him a lot of potential. Plenty of fans including myself agree that his perverted antics hold back the show from being amazing, so fingers crossed that he doesn’t become a great hero.

Coming at Number 2: Deku & All Might Were never Quirkless

The idea that the zero-to-hero trope may not even be in My Hero Academia really hurts me. I love the idea that Deku and All Might fought the odds and became heroes despite not having powers. But, of course, fans just gotta dig a little deeper. The theory that Deku’s Quirk was stolen from him at a young age is nuts, mainly because it goes hand-in-hand with a more probable theory. The doctor that told him he’s Quirkless looks and sounds like All for One’s doctor. Which means he could have easily lied about Deku being Quirkless so that All for One can steal it.

As for All Might, the famous Film Theory highlighted how him buffing up seems more like an additional Quirk and less like him flexing. All Might recently say he can’t use One for all anymore, but he has shown us he can still buff up. Please Horikoshi, don’t make All Might a liar!

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And Finally Number 1: All for One Is Deku’s Dad

Woah woah woah, crazy, I know. The only thing we know about Deku’s dad is that he is a fire-breather and that he’s not in his life. All for One could easily have faked his identity and he has so many Quirks fire-breathing could possibly be one of them. The main reason this theory exists is that Horikoshi has said that he loves Star Wars. When thinking about this, it becomes clear that some main characters directly mirror characters from the original trilogy.

Deku mirrors Luke Skywalker, All Might mirrors Obi-Wan, Gran Torino mirrors Yoda (not just cause he’s short), and All for One mirrors Darth Vader. The parallels don’t stop there as the possibility that Deku may lose his arm would be just like Luke losing his hand. Shigaraki is the grandson of All Might’s predecessor, so this theory would only further blur the line between the show’s heroes and villains.

Thanks for watching our Top 5 most unbelievable My Hero Academia theories. Whats your favorite crazy theory? Let us know in the comments below!. Also be sure to give us suggestions for future top 5 videos. I’m Sam and I’ll see you all later!

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  1. Novi R Puspasari

    March 12, 2019 at 4:28 am

    But…isn’t it true tho’? That the hand on Shigaraki’s is actually from dead people? At least the one on his face. Cuz I remember that he called that hand ‘Dad’ and got mad because the heroes dare smack the hand away from his face


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