As the year comes to a close, we remember the best parts of our favorite shows. Standing out amongst this crowd are the DC programs: ARROW, The FLASH, SUPERGIRL, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, and GOTHAM. Each show, in their own regard, have featured some spectacular moments this year. Whether it be from the writing, acting, or the impact of certain moments and their potential effect on the future of each respective show -these moments stand out. Let us reflect on some of these memorable moments of DC TV in 2016:  

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5) GOTHAM – Bruce and Alfred’s heist against the Court of Owls

During the fall finale of GOTHAM, Bruce, Alfred, and Selena work together to break into the Court of Owls’ lair to steal an artifact that will bring them down. This is a momentous occasion for Bruce and his road to becoming Batman. In this scene, Bruce is well aware of the consequences of breaking his deal with the Court of Owls, but he goes through with it anyway. This moment marks the first time we see Bruce taking the lead on a mission. The heist itself was full of classic Batman style antics such as evading laser beams and grappling hooks. When Bruce used the grappling hook and the tightrope, it felt like the show was giving audiences a glimpse into the future.

The preparation of the heist felt like a scene that could have been in Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN BEGINS. In that film the roles of Bruce and Alfred became defined whenever Bruce went out as Batman. As they prepared for the heist on GOTHAM, those same roles were similarly defined- Bruce taking charge and Alfred as his support. Alfred’s role as Bruce’s support is clearly explained when Selena questions him about allowing Bruce to put himself in danger. Alfred replies with the perfect response – “My job is to make sure he grows up to be the man he’s meant to be,”. That line perfectly describes Alfred’s role and mentality while raising Bruce, and helps make this moment all the more meaningful. 

4) ARROW – The Return of Laurel

ARROW has had a terrific year so far. From the very first episode, the writers have shown fans that they have returned to the basics, with more focus on street-level crime. However, the biggest moment of the show thus far would be the return of Laurel Lance. Damien Darhk killed her in the second half of season four, thereby revealing that season’s most surprising and unexpected character death.

Green Arrow fans everywhere had given up on the show at that point. The writers clearly recognized their mistake in neglecting Laurel/Black Canary as an important part of the Green Arrow mythos. Thankfully in the mid-season finale the writers corrected that decision and brought Laurel back! Laurel’s return is proof that the writers do consider the fans when making decisions for the show. Although, recent trailers seem to indicate that this Laurel is most likely Black Siren from Earth-2, which could be even better. Now, it will be up to Oliver and friends to convince her to find the good that must have existed in her at some point. Laurel’s return can help continue the superb quality ARROW has delivered thus far.

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3) The FLASH – Flashpoint

At the end of THE FLASH’s second season, the Flash defeated Zoom, but at the cost of his father’s life. Despite the fact that Barry had his remaining friends with him, he did something no one saw coming- he went back in time and saved his mother! The prospect of seeing a TV adaptation of FLASHPOINT got fans excited. For those unfamiliar with the FLASHPOINT storyline, it was the story which created a new timeline known as the new 52 in the comics. Fans were ecstatic to see how much of an impact the CW version of FLASHPOINT would have on the Arrowverse. This episode was a huge shock for fans, and it filled their minds for the rest of the summer; wondering how the CW would adapt this storyline.

Even though the alternate timeline was “fixed” after just one episode, its impact was still felt throughout the entire Arrowverse. By having the Flash go back in time and alter an event in the past, thus changing the future, it shows just how powerful he is. This one hero has the power to alter and change the lives of everyone in the universe! By causing Flashpoint, Barry sparked the creation of Caitlin becoming Killer Frost, the sex change of Diggle’s daughter, and the cryptic message sent by Barry forty years in the future to Rip on the Waverider. The alternate timeline of Flashpoint on the CW may have only lasted one episode, but the fact that its effects have rippled its way into other DC TV shows illustrates just how much power the Flash possesses.

2) SUPERGIRL – The Appearance of Superman

The first two episodes of SUPERGIRL featured a surprising guest: Superman! While the entire first season of SUPERGIRL had mentioned the Man of Steel several times, they never actually showed him (except for a stand-in actor and CGI). Big name superheroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were believed to never actually appear on network television. They were considered off-limits by big studio executives who are trying to lift the DCEU off the ground. Fortunately, SUPERGIRL changed networks from CBS to the CW, so Superman was allowed to appear to draw more viewers (click here for more info).

The appearance of Superman successfully brought in viewers, and he didn’t pull focus from the titular Supergirl. Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman was charismatic, charming, and demonstrated the delightful cheesiness of the Christopher Reeve Superman. He managed to have an excellent balance of the old school Superman with a modern spin on it to accommodate with the times. Most importantly though, Superman’s appearance is proof that studio executives are willing to share their bigger name characters with network television. This opens the door for several other big name heroes to appear on television someday in the future.


Considering how much work went into this event, it’s no surprise it’s number one. Four DC TV shows needed to be created and their characters developed for the CW to deliver such a massive crossover. The climax of the episode was seen on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, where fans witnessed several DC TV heroes join forces to stop the Dominators. What makes this moment stand above the rest was fight scenes and special effects all jam packed into one episode. The more ground-based DC heroes were left to fight the Dominators while Supergirl and the Flash incapacitated the rest surrounding the globe. Never before has there been an episode on any of these shows where the action and special effects are on the same epic scope as they were in this episode.

The CW’s INVASION crossover truly is the MARVEL equivalent of THE AVENGERS. Both took their time to develop their characters individually so that the audience could get invested in them. That way when they finally joined forces it was more significant to the fans. Of course, this does mean that the CW now has to somehow top this four part crossover next year. All I can say is good luck, and fans will be anxiously waiting till next year.

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There you have it folks, some of the best DC TV moments of 2016. Be sure to let us know in the comments what was your favorite DC TV moments from 2016. Here’s to the success of all current and future DC TV shows in the upcoming year!

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