Ant-Man Villain Ghost

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Welcome to ComicsVerse’s top five, where we at ComicsVerse list our top five on any interesting subject. I’m Jacob, and with Ant-Man and the Wasp coming in theaters on July 6th, we decided to list our top five things to know about the film’s antagonist, Ghost. Before we start, if you enjoy the video, please like and subscribe to our channel and check out for more videos, podcasts, reviews, and interviews.

We start things off with number five, Ghost’s identity. So there isn’t actually a known identity for Ghost, which plays well into the character as a nobody. What we do know is that he debuted in Iron Man number 219. He tells his own story of being a programmer and engineer for an IT company called Omnisapient. There, he developed Ghost Tech, which allows fluxate processors to become intangible. Thanks to Ghost Tech, the company’s stock skyrocketed, making Ghost a valuable asset. That’s pretty much all we know about the villain as a person especially since he eventually erased his own records.

Number four, the villain’s motivation. Before Ghost became Ghost, he seemed mild-mannered. And who would’ve thought this introvert would become a villain? But when the corporation’s board took credit for his tech and manipulated him to do nothing but work, you can’t blame the man for turning to the dark side. The board was so greedy, that they went as far as to hire a woman to pose as a co-worker, seduce him in a relationship, and get him to keep working for them. And all he wanted was to take a vacation. She later tried to extort money from the board and was killed as a result, which is a pretty sinister display of power on their end. Of course, he finds out, seeks revenge, and vows to punish corporations.

Number three, powers and abilities. Ghost is a brilliant inventor, tactician, and computer hacker. He doesn’t have any superpowers, but his skills led him to create a special suit like Ant-Man and Iron Man. Ghost used his Ghost Tech for the suit, allowing him to become either invisible or intangible at will. If that didn’t make Ghost difficult enough to fight, the suit also comes with explosives and guns that fire concussive blasts.

Number two, Ghost joined the Thunderbolts. Ghost is slated as the villain of Ant-Man and the Wasp, but in recent comic events, Ghost joined the Thunderbolts. If you’re not familiar, the Thunderbolts are a group of reformed supervillains. It’s a bit confusing on how he joins. Initially, Norman Osborn hired him with the intention of making the Thunderbolts his personal Black Ops team. However, Ghost betrays the team and reveals that he only joined to take down Osborn from the inside. This resulted with Ghost getting an invite to be a member of the new good Thunderbolt squad.

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Finally, at number one, we need to talk about Ghost’s connection to Wasp and Ant-Man. In the comics, there is no real connection. Ghost is usually tied to Iron Man as a villain than any other Marvel hero. But that shouldn’t take away anything from Ghost as the film’s antagonist. Ghost is just going up against another rich guy in Pym instead of Stark. It’s not hard to see Ghost fit in this movie since based on the trailers, it looks like the character will find themselves on Ant-Man’s radar after stealing some Pym tech. And it will be interesting to see if the phasing tech is also a product of Pym’s. I guess it depends on how the writers develop Ghost’s origin story, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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