ComicsVerse got an exclusive interview with Tom Root and Matt Senreich at NYCC 2017. Our very own Brandon Bloxdorf talks to these two about ROBOT CHICKEN, SuperMansion, Superheroes and MORE!

ComicsVerse: Season three is coming up. So how do you think the show’s evolved so much from season one when you first thought of it, to like now at this point?

Matt Senreich: I think it ties into just the character relationships. I know it sounds so simple to say that, but like when we first started doing SuperMansion, these characters were kind of based on parody and then their personalities kinda grew throughout. And once they started to get dynamics between them, it really is just about them interacting with each other.

It’s the relationships that they form, whether it be old friendships that have been torn apart by an affair of some sort, or a guy looking to find a girlfriend and not being able to find the one, and what those relationships turn into. I think that’s the excitement of these things, is these characters have their own myths and legends now, and its been fun to be able to create that.

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ComicsVerse: Being the co-creator, where did SuperMansion come from? Like, what would you … Where did it all originate?

Matt Senreich: It started with me telling Zeb I wanted him to do a show. And then saying, “You should do something in the comic book world because that’s where your bread and butter is.” And then we just started joking around about characters. Like, what are just different ways to turn things on their side. And we just sat there laughing about a ton of that stuff.

And then, we just started jotting it down and we started realizing maybe this is something that we can go pitch. Maybe this could turn into something. And after doing that for a while we were like, “Alright, we can do this.” Yeah, next thing we knew we were playing with Crackle.

ComicsVerse:  What do you think has made the show so fresh out of all the superheroes shows have blown up over the last couple of years?

Matt Senreich: I think all the other stuff that’s on TV is, you know, in other areas, is it’s all about the villain of the week that they’re fighting. It’s all about … Does it start with what are they up against? What’s the adversary? And for us, it’s less about the adversary than it is about the relationship, and how they have to overcome that daily thing that they have to figure out. Whether it’s, “Hey, I have to put together a dinner tonight. How am I going to do it?” It’s that kinda thing that I think … And they’re superheroes dealing with it. It’s a little odd. That dichotomy causes the problem.

ComicsVerse: What’s it like for you guys going from being kids watching these people on TV and everything, and now you’re making your own basically parodies and own creations of these characters, and working with these actors, and voices to do whatever you want basically.

Tom Root: I think … I know because I’ve seen the picture that Matt was a superhero for Halloween when he was a child. I was Green Lantern in 3rd grade. So, the love of these costumes, these colorful costumed characters goes really deep. And so getting to write for superheroes doesn’t feel like work at all. This feels like we’re down on the floor playing with our superhero toys again.

Matt Senreich: And when you’re in the moment where you’re interacting with the actors that are coming in, it’s a job first and foremost. And you shed that feeling of, “Oh my god, isn’t it cool that we’re with X?” Then you just get to the point of, I need the performance that I’m gonna need to get to make this the way it is. And it goes away pretty quickly because the actor who comes in is always super pleasant, and game to play, and wants to have a good time, and tries to make you laugh.

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And it establishes this great rapport between you guys. It’s very quick that you lose that excitement. I think there’s only been a couple of moments. And it’s usually the older people, and especially in the Robot Chicken world, where you’re just like, “Oh my god, this. I can’t believe I’m directing Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise at the same time.” It’s like those kinda things I think made more of an impact than the actors of today who you’ve seen in a lot of different things.

Tom Root: I did a day of press kinda like this where we were sitting with reporters for our third DC Comics special, and Warner Brothers made sure Burt Ward was there because he did a voice on the show. So it was just me and Burt Ward kinda for hours and part of me was the whole time like, “What the hell is going on?”

Matt Senreich: “What am I doing here?”

Tom Root: Yeah, because I watched that show as a kid, the Batman 60’s show. I’m not that old but it was in reruns. That was like my favorite show as a kid.

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