Tom Hardy’s VENOM is coming in October, and we at ComicsVerse are just too excited! While we’re sure to get more info at this year’s SDCC (maybe a new trailer?), here are the top 3 comic sources Tom Hardy’s VENOM is using as inspiration.


LETHAL PROTECTOR is probably the comic plot that Tom Hardy’s VENOM is taking the most inspiration from. In it, Spider-Man and Venom make a pact: Venom promises to stop his life of crime and leave New York. It was the first time Venom received a series where he was the main character. Also, this story marks the first time Venom became more of an anti-hero as opposed to a straight-up villain.

Moving to San Francisco, Eddie attempts to live a peaceful life. This goes wrong, however, when the Life Foundation uses his DNA to create 5 more symbiotes — Scream, Riot, Lasher, Phage, and Agony. Instead of joining with their father Venom, they seek to kill him. The rest of the story results in Venom teaming up with Spider-Man to face the five vicious symbiotes.

Tom Hardy's VENOM
Image from Marvel Entertainment

From what we’ve seen and heard from the film’s first trailer and from Hardy himself, LETHAL PROTECTOR is obviously a big part of the overall source material used. The film is set in San Francisco, and the Life Foundation will be playing a big role as what appears to be the primary antagonist.


It’s doubtful that we’ll see Spider-Man, or the five symbiotes, as this film serves as an origin story for Venom. LETHAL PROTECTOR’s plot takes place during a time where Venom, and even Carnage, were already established characters with quite a bit of history. However, it was the first time we got to see Eddie Brock’s origins and background before he became Venom:

His mother died in childbirth, Eddie Brock grows up with a distant, unloving father. Studying journalism in college, Eddie begins his career reporting for the Daily Globe. He finds success seemingly exposing the identity of a mass murderer, only to later discover that he accused the wrong man, thus ending his career in disgrace.

This would be a cool foundation for Eddie’s origins in the film. A journalist struggling to gain his reputation back after failure could cause Eddie to take certain risks. Maybe breaking into the Life Foundation, hoping to expose their wrongdoing? Something along these lines would make sense as to how Eddie comes into contact with the symbiote initially.

The VENOM film will naturally need to keep its focus on Eddie bonding with his newfound symbiote. From the trailer, we know that the Life Foundation found the symbiote first. Eddie finds it later while investigating them as a journalist. Perhaps the Life Foundation could then create Carnage after that? We’ll see.

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Hardy has also said that another comic used for the plot is the 1995 five issue series: PLANET OF THE SYMBIOTES. In it, Venom teams up with Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider to fight an alien invasion of symbiotes seeking to bond with civilians, causing them to kill, and sowing chaos. Again, it’s still doubtful as to whether we will be seeing Spider-Man at all in this film, or if Spider-Man even exists in Sony’s Spider film universe. I also seriously doubt we’ll see Scarlet Spider either. A clone of Spider-Man is still a Spider-Man.

You can already see certain cues from PLANET OF THE SYMBIOTES in the trailer. The Life Foundation finds the symbiote in what appears to be a crashed spaceship. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that they found more symbiotes than just the Venom symbiote.

This could lead to a few things. It could either lead to the 5 symbiotes previously mentioned from LETHAL PROTECTOR, or a symbiote invasion that breaks out of the Life Foundation to take over San Francisco, or perhaps even Carnage?

Tom Hardy's VENOM
Image from Marvel Entertainment

…I’ll be honest, I just really want to see Venom fight Carnage. My biggest hope for this film is that Riz Ahmed’s character, the director of the Life Foundation, will eventually become Carnage as the film progresses.

Please, please let that be the case!

3. Tom Hardy’s VENOM: AGENT VENOM?

AGENT VENOM is an era where Eddie Brock is no longer the host for the Venom symbiote. Instead, Flash Thompson, Peter Parker’s old high school bully, is. While fighting in the Iraq War, Flash loses his legs. After returning home and spending some time as a civilian, Flash accepts an offer to bond with the symbiote from the U.S government and becomes Agent Venom.

The reason that AGENT VENOM could be a potential plot source for Tom Hardy’s VENOM all comes from the trailer portraying Hardy’s Venom as the anti-hero. That anti-hero label could indicate a possible recurring conflict between Eddie and his control over the symbiote.

Tom Hardy's VENOM
Image from Marvel Entertainment

In the trailer, we see Eddie talking to the symbiote saying that if it stays with him, it will only hurt bad people. The symbiote replies:

“The way I see it: We can do whatever we want.”

Flash Thompson’s bonding gives him more control over the symbiote than any other host. However, he still has several moments where he struggles to keep it in line. It seems as though this battle of control could happen with Eddie and his bonding, at least until they find a way to cooperate, as Flash eventually does. He will hopefully desire to do good instead of the symbiote’s viscous alternative.

The trailer seems to indicate that Eddie is somewhat more of an upstanding guy as opposed to his portrayal in the comics. Before coming in contact with the symbiote, we see Eddie investigating the Life Foundation as a journalist, trying to find the truth about their alleged experimentations and other misdeeds. It could be refreshing — either in this film or a potential sequel — to see Eddie join some sort of government agency, attempting to use the symbiote for good, similar to Flash.

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Tom Hardy’s VENOM: What Might We See at SDCC?

SDCC is this week, and VENOM is expected to make some reveals. Here are some of my hopes:

I’d like to see a new trailer, with a bigger focus on the overall plot. So far all we know is that the Life Foundation has symbiotes. Eddie Brock bonds with one, and they want it back. I’d like to see more on what we could expect to happen after that. Does Eddie/Venom agree to go after Life Foundation head on? Do they go on the run? How much conflict is there between Eddie and Venom?

Tom Hardy's VENOM
Image from Marvel Entertainment

I’d also think it would be cool to get a definite response as to Tom Hardy’s VENOM and its position alongside other Marvel films. We know for sure that it’s not a part of Disney’s MCU. It will be the first film for Sony’s Spider-Verse.

That being said, we don’t yet know if Spider-Man is even a part of the Spider-Verse. If he is, is is the MCU-Holland version? If so, does that mean he’ll be affected by both universes but those universes don’t affect each other in correlation? How does that work? Will there be a new Spider-Man solely for the Spider-Verse? Doubtful. If there’s no Spider-Verse Spider-Man, won’t audiences feel cheated?

These are the questions I want to be answered. Also, I want to know if Venom is going to have the white spider logo on his chest. I don’t think this will be the case, as it seems Eddie will be the first to bond with the symbiote, and not Spider-Man, as is the case in the comics. But, hopefully, we will have our answers this week!

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Tom Hardy’s VENOM releases this October 5th, 2018 starring Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, and Michelle Williams.

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