Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak is adding Tokyo to his pop culture roster. He recently added the Silicon Valley Comic Con and now he’s added Tokyo Comic Con to the list.

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“Tokyo Comic Con 2016 will celebrate pop culture and technology in one of the world’s coolest cities,” said Wozniak. “From Godzilla to Pokemon to Power Rangers, Japan exports many pop culture trends to the rest of the world. Even the moral codes of the “Star Wars” Jedi are based on some of Japan’s historical samurai culture. In 2016, we will come full circle back to Japan to blend pop culture from Japan and the USA at Tokyo Comic Con.”

tokyo comic con

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Tokyo Comic Con, like other pop culture expos, will feature comics, cosplay, manga, video games, and celebrities, but Tokyo Comic Con will also feature Japan’s technological leaders, showing the things we use every day and what’s coming next.

Stars of the show will include Japanese staples like Pokemon, Godzilla, and the Power Rangers.

Things You Can Expect:

  • The latest and greatest Immersive technologies for all sorts of games and experiences
  • Fans can meet their favorite stars, take photos together and get autographs
  • Kick starters and individuals can showcase their talents to industry veterans and possibly find mentors and angels
  • American and world products and merchandise
  • Collectors’ items
  • Live music and shows
  • Panel discussions and presentations by industry leaders and influencers in the pop and technology world
  • Cosplay: with a technological twist!
  • The best selfie opportunities
  • The latest news in comics and movies
  • Opportunities for companies to share their upcoming products, showcase emerging Beta products and concepts
  • Artist Alleys featuring the best comic and anime artists

tokyo comic con

The expo will be held at Makuhari Messe from December 3 – 4, 2016. For more information go to the website at

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