San Diego Comic Con 2018 kicks off with a TITANS trailer for the upcoming show on the DC Universe streaming site. There is quite a bit to unpack in this trailer, so let’s get started!

Titans Trailer
Image courtesy of DC Entertainment

Right from the beginning, the trailer sets a dark, ominous tone with the music and scenery. There is a voice over with Raven (Teagan Croft) speaking to Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) about his time at the circus. There are more shots displaying Dick’s backstory — a shot of a young Dick as a trapeze artist, followed by a rope breaking, ending with his parents falling. Raven appears to have some connection to Dick and is seeking his help with her demonic powers.

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Then there is a shot featuring Dick looking at his old Robin uniform. Then he holds up his Robin emblem and throws it to the wall! While there are many instances with Bat-Family members throwing shuriken-like weapons at a wall, this sequence feels like an homage to BATMAN BEGINS.

Robin A Killer?

Next, there is a fight sequence of Robin taking down a group of thugs. The brutality in which he maims these men is vicious, he even breaks someone’s next while stepping on it! It’s interesting that this DC Universe streaming site would feature a Robin who kills. Especially since fans reacted so negatively to a Batman who kills when they watched BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. An equally bold move was featuring Robin curse his former mentor when one of the thugs asked: “Where’s Batman?”

Titans Trailer
Robin cursing his former mentor. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Following this scene in the TITANS trailer, Robin tells Raven that she can control this darkness within herself. It would seem that Dick will take on a mentor role towards Raven in helping her overcome the darkness. However, as Dick states this, fans get their first real look at Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) and Starfire (Anna Diop).

Fan Favorite Titans

Several months ago there was some leaked photos of the set of TITANS. This was, unfortunately, the first look fans got of Starfire and Beast Boy. Suffice to say, many fans were upset by what they saw. Beast Boy was not green-skinned, but a young man who only had green hair.

Starfire was not orange and instead of long, straight red hair — she had curly pink hair that looked like a wig from a party store. However, the actress playing the alien warrior princess assured people that this would not be how Starfire would appear on the show. As it turns out, Anna Diop was half right.

Titans trailer
Beast Boy and Starfire. Video courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Beast Boy looks spot on with his green skin, and his willingness to jump into battle. Starfire on the other hand still has her pink wig and looks like a lady of the night. Although, there were some shots in the TITANS trailer which showed her in her orange skin. It’s possible that TITANS could be treating Starfire the way SUPERGIRL treats Martian Manhunter.

The CGI used to create Martian Manhunter on that show is far too expensive to continuously use on a weekly basis. So, the show keeps him in his Hank Henshaw (David Harewood) persona to save money. Fans will see Starfire with her orange skin, but she may remain in the actress’ skin tone for the majority of the season.

Hawk & Dove Join the Fight

The trailer continues with Dick explaining to someone that he has changed. Then there are more shots of Robin fighting, this time with a bo staff. This is typically the weapon used by the third Robin, Tim Drake. However, fans of the TEEN TITANS cartoon from 2003 will recall that that version of Dick Grayson also used a bo staff.

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Then we have Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dove (Minka Kelly) fighting more people in various shots. Based on the trailer it seems that Hawk and Dove are fighting alongside Robin. Whether or not they know each other remains to be seen. It’s clear that this version of Robin is older and has spent his time as a young vigilante. It’s possible that he already has a working relationship with Hawk and Dove.

Monsters Are Real in TITANS Trailer

Towards the end of the TITANS trailer, there several shots of Raven using her demonic powers to do harm. What is more unsettling then that is when Raven states that she sometimes likes the darkness. In the comics, it is not uncommon for Raven to enjoy the darkness within herself. She is well aware that her powers if left unchecked, can be chaotic for everyone around her. It would appear that Raven’s arc for this season will be finding balance within herself.

Titans Trailer
Demonic Raven. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment

Raven also mentions her how her mother would tell her that there is no such thing as monsters. Dick replies that he used to think that as well. But he realized that he was wrong. The trailer concludes with a shot of demonic Raven shouting, shattering the glass which reveals the opening title TITANS!

Final Thoughts

Overall this trailer delivers action-packed sequences and the promise of a dark, gritty DC show. Hopefully, the characterization of the more light-hearted characters, such as Beast Boy, stays true to the comics. Starfire fans may still be on the fence considering that her look remains the same as the leaked photo.

Anna Diop’s acting must convince fans that underneath that curly wig is the true Starfire fans know and love. I was sold on a live-action Titans show the day it was announced, and this trailer eased some of my worries. As fans continue to discuss the trailer and form possible theories for the show, DC Universe unveiled another surprise.

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Eager fans can pre-order DC Universe now for $74.99 annually and receive three months free! Grab it now while you can! What are your thoughts on the trailer? Will you give TITANS a chance? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

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