The newest incarnation of the Titans team has seen its fair share of difficulties. Beast Boy has lost control of his powers. Raven has lost her soul. Nightwing, the leader of the earlier incarnation of the Rebirth Titans, has lost the surrogate family he took so long to build. However, no one has faced more than Donna Troy. Revealed to be a mystic clay statue and seemingly destined to become a supervillain, Donna has lost hope. In this exclusive preview of TITANS #26, we finally get to see the ramifications of her loss.




  • Art by Matt Santorelli, Brent Peeples
  • Cover by: Brandon Peterson
  • Variant cover by Jonboy Meyers
  • Written by Dan Abnett


  • Series: TITANS 2016
  • U.S. Price: $3.99
  • On Sale Date: Sep 26 2018
  • Volume/Issue #:26
  • Color/B&W:Color
  • Trim Size: Comic
  • Page Count:32

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A Bloody Good Time

The very first page of TITANS #26 begins with Donna in the throes of another binge. As warning sirens echo throughout the Titans’ headquarters, Donna is instead downing a bottle. However, she has no time to enjoy her final drink. The team is headed to Norway to confront the newest Emergent event. With Raven benched and Steel working tech back in the Boom Room, the team faces a severe handicap. As the Titans arrive, they discover that the small town is literally lifeless. There are no signs of anyone anywhere. More importantly, Mother Blood’s acolytes have gathered, and they seek to stop the Titans before they can learn more.

So TITANS #26 looks to be an exciting and character-driven installment. I have loved the Rebirth TITANS since the very first issue, largely because writer Dan Abnett has focused largely on the characters. Still, the lack of focus on Donna’s inner struggles has seemed odd over the last few issues. I’m grateful that Abnett has finally decided to dig into her personality. Also, pair that with Brent Peeples’ incredible and energetic artwork, and you have a winning combination. I especially loved Peeples winter designs for the team. So I can only hope TITANS #26 is as exciting as these first few pages suggest!

TITANS #26 Preview Gallery



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