TITANS #13 by Dan Abnett, V. Ken Marion, Norm Rapmund, and Andrew Dalhouse
TITANS #13 is a near perfect issue. It expertly combines outstanding, action-packed visuals by V. Ken Marion with fantastic character development. Furthermore, Dan Abnett beautifully depicts the crumbling team dynamic in this issue. TITANS #13 is proof that Rebirth was a success.
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TITANS has easily been one of the best comics to come out of DC Rebirth. TITANS #13 encapsulates everything amazing about this group of angsty, hormonal costumed heroes. Meanwhile, writers Dan Abnett and artist V. Ken Marion give the reader some heart-stopping action to go along with a thrilling story.

TITANS #13 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

In this part of the “Bad Omen” arc, we find our heroes attacking the H.I.V.E. controlled Alton Laboratories. The Titans face off with the sinister Endgame in one of the best fight scenes in all of Rebirth. Yet the true drama lies in the minds of each Titan as they begin to distrust one another, with rumors of a traitor within the team. We’re left with an absolutely intriguing mystery combined with great characters and an awesome conflict.

Crossroads for the Titans

The Titans have been struggling ever since the events of “The Lazarus Contract”. In that arc, Deathstroke tested their resolve and almost managed to splinter the group. The Titans survived that trial, but it remains unclear whether they can function as a team. Each of the Titans is dealing with their demons and they threaten to destroy them. Yet, with the knowledge that one Titan will betray the group, Omen must uncover the identity of the traitor.

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It’s amazing how well Dan Abnett has been handling these characters. He writes each one with serious flaws and challenges, but the amazing thing is that these faults never seem implausible. For example, I totally understand why Arsenal, despite his amazing agility and archery skills, would be struggling with his feelings towards Donna Troy. These young adults are written so convincingly that I feel like I personally know each and every one of them.

Abnett reminds us that, while this group isn’t made up of teens anymore, they’re still young adults who struggle with their feelings towards each other. Just like any group of friends, they desperately want to work out their problems even if it involves a few love triangles. That’s why it’s so crushing to learn that there’s a traitor within this group of friends.

And… Action!!

Both Abnett and Marion do an amazing job with the intense fight sequences in this issue. Most of this issue is action, so its lucky that they completely nail it. A lot of the issue follows Wally West with intense white lines depicting his incredible speed. Meanwhile, each of the Titans uses their own skills in fast paced combat. The art is unbelievably bright and colorful, with the metahuman powers depicted with beautiful energy effects.

TITANS #13 page 14. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Almost every panel of each page contains a lot of movement and often a lot of characters moving at once. It’s a real testament to Marion’s skill that he could so successfully balance all this action. At the same time, we never lose track of what’s going on in the action. We always know exactly where every character is and what the reader should be focusing on. When the Titans begin to have difficulty in the fight, we feel them struggle against impossible odds. Through Marion’s drawings, we can always feel the force of their actions that he achieves through a combination of energy projections, burst lines, and other types of motion lines.

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Another one of Abnett and Marion’s achievements is showing how much the Titans have grown as heroes. They’re not quite as powerful as the Justice League, but they aren’t far off at this point. Each one of them is growing into an extremely powerful individual, which should excite any Titans fan!

More Art in Titans #13

Action is great and all, but only if we connect with the characters doing the action. Like I said earlier, Marion ensures that the reader never loses track of each Titan during the fight. Each character is drawn with gorgeous shading and color.

TITANS #13 page 12. Image courtesy of DC Entertianment.

In this issue, the Titans’ physical depiction is more similar to the current Justice League than the young Teen Titans. Each Titan has chiseled or striking features, and each character looks like a fully formed hero rather than a cartoonish sidekick. Yet, Marion draws the Titans more warmly and physically realistic than their mentors. Marion reminds us that the Titans are people who have problems and struggle day in and day out to do the right thing. He reminds me why the Titans are my favorite team in all of comics.

Final Thoughts

TITANS #13 is a must-read not only for Titan fans but also lovers of great characters, drama, and fantastic fights. The art is mesmerizingly good. Abnett and Marion hit a home run with this issue and it isn’t even the end of the “Bad Omen” arc. I can’t wait until the next issue to find out what happens next. I strongly suggest you pick up TITANS #13 whenever you can!

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