TITANS #12 acts as a prelude for the next story arc by revealing the aftermath of the "Lazarus Contract" and builds off of that gloriously.
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Last summer, DC Comics unveiled their new Rebirth line. Included in this line were AQUAMAN and TITANS. To our surprise, both series progressively became better with each issue released. It can be argued that Dan Abnett writes the most under-appreciated comics in DC’s Rebirth line. Raising the stakes in each issue, and seamlessly having the reader connect with our heroes has, apparently, become something Abnett can do in his sleep. TITANS #12, however, does not raise any stakes. Instead, Abnett gave us a prelude issue that was led by Lilith Clay, Omen. Following the cataclysm of the “Lazarus Contract” crossover, readers are given an in-depth view of where the team is now.

Okay, So Where Do We Stand?

TITANS #12 follows the aftermath of the “Lazarus Contract” arc but also follows the events of TITANS ANNUAL #1, and the events of the story arc before that. Meaning, a lot has happened, and a lot has changed in this short span. We finally get some room to breathe here as we catch up on the personal problems of each the characters. However, we are shown all this through small glimpses! The issue opens with Lilith visiting Psimon in prison. After he took away the memories of Karen Duncan — A.K.A. Bumblebee — in the last story arc, Lilith takes the responsibility of questioning him for the location of her memories.

TITANS #12 page 11. Image courtesy of DC Comics.

This was such a clever storytelling tactic by Abnett. Not only does the reader get the much-needed room to breathe by catching up with the team with these flashbacks, but we also get to witness how the story progresses from here. Dan Abnett, clearly, likes writing relationships. In AQUAMAN, he has created a very strong and true relationship between Arthur and Mera. Here, in TITANS #12, the sexual tension between some of the members is finally put into the open, and the drama alongside it is great. Relationships are kindling, some are forgotten, and literal and metaphorical hearts are breaking. Who knew teen drama would work so well in a DC comic?

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Past, Present, Future. Plot, Characterization, Art.

TITANS #12. Image courtesy of DC Comics

The prison visit between Lilith and Psimon was a very clever way to reveal what the team has been up to since their last arc, the annual issue, and the “Lazarus Contract.” Not only do we see this, but this visit actually sets up the next arc. Lilith distracts Psimon long enough to learn where Karen’s memories are, but not without hearing him warn of the future. Someone is betraying the team, and Lilith doesn’t know who. Adding to that, these lies, supposedly, have begun the path to something awful, something cataclysmic. Well, there you have it. You’re all caught up, you know what the next step is, and you know what the endgame is. Simple, right?

It’s safe to say that TITANS #12 is yet another solid issue in the series. And the art by guest artist Kenneth Rocafort! Amazing! There is such a subtle feel to his line work that makes the issue feel right at home, which was appropriate for this installment. The somewhat abstract line work for creating the actual panels was my favorite aspect. It was simply very refreshing and new to see this. I hope Rocafort comes back on for this series soon.

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In The End…

Twelve issues into the TITANS Rebirth series and Dan Abnett has definitely made this series into something of his own. After the first story arc with Abra Kadabra, the series no longer acts as a definite continuation of the Rebirth mystery. Instead, Abnett has created his own mystery that lies within the members of the Titans.

As I write this, I’ve come to the idea that this is maybe my favorite issue in the series to date. So if you haven’t picked up TITANS #12, I would highly recommend it! This issue has been ComicsVerse approved!

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