THUMBS #1 by Sean Lewis and Hayden Sherman
What happens when a tech billionaire recruits a bunch of gamer teens to fight the government? Whatever it can't be anything good. Writer Sean Lewis and visionary artist Hayden Sherman explore a tech driven future in THUMBS #1
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An insanely realistic look into the future
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The internet has always been a gift and a curse on the evolutionary advancement of human beings. From cell phones to cars to the way we watch television, technology is quickly changing our lives. But, how long before it completely controls us? THUMBS #1 by comic writer Sean Lewis (COYOTES, THE FEW) and artist Hayden Sherman (THE FEW, WASTED SPACE) explores a cyberpunk dystopian future where big corporations take on the government and the less fortunate teens of the world are caught in the crosshairs.


The story follows a group of poverty-stricken gamer teens who all received secret scholarships from a tech billionaire named Adrian Camus. After being brought into a city called Fortress Victory, Camus supplies these latch key kids with free technology, video games, and schooling. Then, he takes them from extremely poor circumstances and raises them using an artificial intelligence app called MOM. In return, these teenagers become members of an army he’s building for his own unforeseen agenda.

Thumbs #1-Spoils of War
Image Courtesy of Image Comics

Sean Lewis creates an artistic future that relates closely to our present-day reality. The notion of a billionaire building an army from the lower level status quo of the planet doesn’t sound too far fetched by today’s standards. Uniquely using teens for the story, Lewis is able to give the plot a very relatable background. Teenagers are an important market for brands. They are at a critical age when people want to fit in or follow the latest craze. In that regard, it only makes sense that in a world where tech has completely taken control of us, teens would play a major factor.

The first issue does an excellent job of introducing the characters and setting and gives us a glimpse of the past and present of our main protagonist, Thumbs. Additionally, the pacing of the story is balanced perfectly. The issue is a bit longer than your average comic book but the plot is so engaging you won’t even notice it. Within the first issue, Lewis and Sherman manage to capture not just your attention but your feelings towards the characters. The main motivation that Camus has still feels unclear but I’m sure it’ll make sense by the next issue.

A Possible Alternate Reality

First, it’s safe to say that this comic identifies right away as a cyberpunk action thriller. I think one of the many purposes the story serves is to show us a version of the world that could easily happen. Comparatively, companies like Disney, Amazon, and Apple are great examples of resources that could offer these same tools to teens with the same kind of agenda. It helps give us a better perspective of what happens to the lower class people in the world.

Thumbs #1-Racing to save a life
Image Courtesy of Image Comics

One of the coolest things about this comic besides the artwork is the humility of it. It’s a story that touches on topics like belonging and empathy. Also, it’s about struggle, compassion, loss, and most importantly, family. Thumbs is searching for his sister Tabitha, who was raised in an environment outside of his city. Lewis and Sherman do a great job at setting up events yet to come.

The Brilliant Art of Hayden Sherman

Sherman brings his talented line work and takes it to the next level in THUMBS #1. Moreover, his pencil sketch style gives the book the type of edge it needs to bring the dystopian world to life. From the very first page, the action grabs and holds your attention. In fact, he gives the world a very interactive vibe with his three-dimensional backgrounds.

Uniquely, one of the great qualities of Sherman’s art has to be his attention to detail. None of his panels ever feel overcrowded or like they’re saying too much. Finally, everything within each scene makes perfect sense and serves a purpose. His choice to use a lot of dark colors really helps set the tone of the story.

The Future is Clear

Overall, Lewis and Sherman look to have a hit on their hands with THUMBS #1. The story structure is very solid and the artistry Sherman provides is mesmerizing with each turn of the page. It’s almost downright scary how close to reality the plot pinpoints. This is a comic you need to read.

THUMBS #1 drops June 5th! Be sure to reserve your copy today! Or reserve your digital copy here!

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