Marvel Thors #1 Cover

“Secret Wars” sees the launch of THORS #1 – one of the most-anticipated books of the event!

I’ll admit I was not certain when I went into this THORS #1 review that I would love it. I’m not quite there yet. However, I’m definitely pleasantly surprised. The cover art for THORS #1 hardly made me expect to feel transported into the Marvel Thor version of a noir cop drama – but it couldn’t make more sense. Doom isn’t exactly a transparent and just ruler, but how does the story lead us to this dark Doomgard?

Well, it begins with the Thors called onto the scene of the fifth murder that fulfills a pattern; a young girl killed a while ago and carefully placed so someone would find her. They investigate in an enjoyable group cop fashion. Their angry commander curses at people. The Thors search for informants, and a larger twist gets proposed. No archetypal noir mystery trope is left unturned, but many of them are utilized to humorous and impactful ways.

Some different and fun characters deemed worthy make up a part of this police force. It involves an amusing Guardian of the Galaxy, and it actually all works well together. I do have some trepidations about how archetypal the story feels, though; it is extremely fun to watch the way the world of Thor transforms into a cop drama, but I would like to see a little more of a challenge to the archetype.  The trend of women murdered in mysterious ways is one that I would have liked to see updated or changed in some way.

However, I will concede that this is only THORS #1 and, like all good noir mysteries, it feels like there is going to be a hefty twist. The last page got me invested in both the story and the mystery. It definitely hooked me!

The art looks particularly beautiful, especially the different types of Thor costumes that each character wears. Each panel’s composition has a cinematic approach.  This adds to the noir feel of the entire piece. I’ve already mentioned the last page. Even the pages leading up to that set up the ending with a precision understanding of the story. I also have a soft spot in my heart for Valhalla’s Mead Hall.

Thors #1

How can you not love that?

THORS #1: The Bottom Line

Overall, when the story takes the archetype and twists it in a fun way – like the forensics frog – it works delightfully well.  However, when it sticks too closely to the cliché without changing it, five women have been murdered in the same way, it suffers. If you are a fan of noir mysteries or Thor in general then this will definitely be the story for you. For everyone else, I think it is a little too soon to tell. I am going to give this one the benefit of the doubt. I hope that the mystery will get more engaging as the story goes on.

Score: B-


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