This review contains SPOILERS.

If you don’t want to read spoilers, GTFO and see the movie; you’ll like it.

Well, here we are, as THOR: RAGNAROK wraps up another summer season for the MCU.  It was a busy Summer for Marvel’s MCU, as Spiderman (boy really) finally got his own solo film. Guardians made their triumphant return to the silver screen to the delight of many fans.

However, as good as those films were, neither of them made sense to close out the Summer quite like RAGNAROK. As 2018 is going to be so important, it’s imperative to end 2017 with a cornerstone character such as Thor.


The Story

Per usual, Marvel has done another fantastic job integrating comic book storylines into their film franchise. RAGNAROK has taken elements from three Marvel titles, notably Planet Hulk, Unworthorty Thor and the six-issue miniseries, Thor: RAGNAROK. Marvel has the advantage of cherry picking all the best parts of their comics into a fantastic MCU story.


Ragorak is no different. RAGNAROK’s story is compelling and fun. It answers questions from other films and raises a few of its own. Most importantly,  THOR: RAGNAROK contains all of the heightened stakes and action you come to expect from a Marvel film.

The Acting

(Espn 30 for 30 music starts playing)

What if I told you, one film had a cast that had amassed three academy awards, over 10 Emmy’s and countless Golden Globes. What if I told you that film, would be based in a Disney universe and marketed as a family film.

Ok enough with the pretend music. THOR: RAGNAROK has a wonderfully talented cast, and it showed. Benedict Cumberbatch seems to have found his place in the MCU as a Dr. Strange, empowering the character with a self of self-satisfaction we had not seen since his hands were broken.

Cate Blanchett popped off the screen as Hela, Thors older sister and rightful heir to the Throne of Asgard. Blanchett’s performance as the Goddess of Death was particularly notable. Hela was the first character Thor simply could not beat. Thor had to let Asgard fall to Surtur rather than let her sister rule, and until the last couple of minutes, Blanchett’s performance gave the impression that the story would simply not allow her to lose.


It was Jeff Goldblum as the Grand Master who stole the show, however. His character’s mix of humor and ruthlessness lead to a performance that has no equal within Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Goldblum played this character like he has so many before; wrought with a light-hearted and highly sarcastic and cynical view that at times borders on a projection of aloofness and insouciant-ness.

This type of portrayal fits wonderfully within the MCU, as it gives the villain a sort of unknown edge that keeps the viewer engaged, yet fearful at the same time of what could happen if you were to truly get him angry.

The Feeling of “Universe Building” 

To be fair, this sort of connection only comes after storylines, characters, etc. have been firmly established, so it’s not fair to judge older MCU films on this sort of thing. That being said, THOR: RAGNAROK does get to enjoy the fruits of the other films labor.

As all of these other locations in the MCU (Earth, Asgard, and the far reaches of space) have been established with heroes and villains alike, it allows the characters of RAGNAROK ample opportunity to build proverbial bridges to others within those areas.

Remember, Thor, and Hulk haven’t seen any other MCU characters since AGE OF ULTRON, so it was essential for them to meet characters such as Dr. Strange and reconnect with Odin. Plus someone had to be the first hero to encounter Thanos, and given the size of that Chitauri ship in the post credit scene, could be anyone else?


The Humor

This surprised me. Thor films up to this point had been the more serious films in the MCU franchise, and RAGNAROK was a definite change.


Although humor in an MCU film is to be expected, and RAGNAROK seemed to do the vast majority of it very well, (The Grand Master, Krog) there were certainly times where it was laid on too thick and took away from the story itself.

The Unanswered Hulk/Banner Question

This will be cleared up in the next film, but for some reason, it left me ticked off. Mid-film, Banner claimed that he didn’t know if he would come back if he turned into the Hulk next time.

This seems to be the case, as at the end of the film we see Hulk standing next to Thor. However, we won’t know until Infitiy War comes out if Banner is gone forever.

My Theater Lost Power Mid Screening

A cop out I know, but still, annoying AF. The power cut out just as the Grandmaster was being introduced, and after it came back on, the ushers had to ask where we were in the film, at which point they went too far back and then the sound didn’t work. So I had to sit there, and listen to some jerk off narrate (to the entire theater mind you) Hela slaughtering the Asgard soldiers until they fixed it. Not fun.


Poor narration aside, Thor: RAGNAROK was another great film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was fun, funny, action filled and, if you stayed around for the end credit scenes, took the first steps to begin Infinity War. After a stellar Summer, RAGNAROK is a perfect way to end the year and leaves the viewer drooling for next summer.

Now, go out and watch it, it is in theaters now!


  1. Alasdair M. Thornton

    November 4, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    Awesome! Thank you for the support!


  2. Alasdair M. Thornton

    November 4, 2017 at 5:24 pm

    The Summer “Blockbuster Season” certainly. Hollywood, especially comic book franchises as of late are pumping out films to the point where they need to start in the spring and end in the fall in order to not over saturate the Blockbuster season.


  3. Fabio Castelblanco

    Fabio Castelblanco

    November 4, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    Wait do we still consider Thor Ragnarok with the summer season?
    Gotg vol 2 and Spider-man Homecoming sure, but it’s November now.


  4. Nicholas Ulanowski

    Nicholas Ulanowski

    November 4, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    I just sent the three articles you guys posted today to myself! Even if I didn’t give you guys that click, I am reading them. Lol


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