Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo have made the God of Thunder struggle mightily in the buildup towards the War of Realms. Thor is building alliances and putting out fires, and in THOR #8, he seeks out the help of his lost sister, Angela. Thor is not the only one on the job, as a certain Avenger notes his actions, and decides to lend a hand. In fact, a lot of the supporting cast of Thor have little moments, and that may prove to be the difference.

Off to Heven

THOR #8 opens with Thor brutalized. Angels of Heven have captured Thor and Valkyrie. The Angels jail the two Asgardians on their prison planet, where Angela also is. Thor ends up in a cell next to Angela. The Angels also toss Valkyrie in a nearby cell. Thor begins discussing the situation with Angela and Valkyrie. Angela is skeptical of their escape, until Thori (Thor’s Helhound), Toothgrinder (Thor’s goat), and Aragorn (Valkyrie’s horse) break through the angels’ defenses. Thor summons his numerous hammers from the black hole they were tossed in. Battle begins and Thor batters Heven’s angels for allying with Malekith. The God of Thunder demands answers from them on his location. When the angels provide no answers, Thor attaches one of his hammers to the planet and hurtles it into deep space. Thor regains an ally, and preparations continue.

Getting By With A Little Help


THOR #8 Page 1. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Thor is seen and characterized in THOR #8 as acting like a god possessed. He’s working himself to exhaustion and starving himself. All of his friends and family worry about him, except Jane Foster (who wants to join the fight again). Their responses vary, and some of them will become very important to the future. Odin proceeds to join Screwbeard in making weapons for Thor, which may be a good sign for our hero. T’Challa noted his fellow Avenger’s haste and reached out to Rosalind Solomon, former Agent of SHIELD, to work with her. Add to that the valiant efforts of Toothgrinder and Thori, who are performing double duty watching over Jane Foster as well as coming to Thor’s aid.

The relentless, grueling pace at which Thor puts himself through is not going unnoticed. While he does have this extra help, he still pushes relentlessly. Only Jason Aaron knows if these efforts will be enough for the upcoming war.

Aaron Firing On All Cylinders

Speaking of Aaron, he did a great job with this issue. With a character of Thor’s power, it’s important to give him stakes equal to that power, and Aaron does so. Aaron builds tension with the capture and subsequent torture of two immensely powerful beings. Aaron then gives us a dramatic comeback, and the brutal journey through space that Thor condemns the angels to is equally epic. Divine entities are regularly thrashed in the pages of Thor, and now planets are flung with naught but the flick of a hammer. This is what it looks like when gods fight, and it looks amazing under the guiding hand of Jason Aaron. Aaron has cemented himself as the definitive Thor writer of the modern era with his epic storytelling and deft handling of Thor’s cast.

Del Mundo’s Art is Trippy in THOR #8

THOR #8 Page 8. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Mike Del Mundo has a very specific style. It’s not necessarily one that’s focused on anatomical accuracy. The word that comes to my mind when trying to describe his work is liquid. His art feels like the ink just congealed into place to make the shapes and forms on the page, as opposed to the ink drying.

When Del Mundo was announced for THOR, I wasn’t sure I’d like this particular match. His earlier work on ELEKTRA was gorgeous and made sense. Del Mundo’s art gave Elektra dancer-like qualities, and it fit her as an elegant assassin. His work on WEIRDWORLD was an even better match, but THOR? Del Mundo, in my mind, might not be a good match with his looser style.

I was very wrong. The amount of detail, blood, and gore that Del Mundo throws on the pages is captivating to the eye. The washed out color palette is a plus. It gives the sensation the reader is looking at a recorded story in the long history of an immortal Thunder God.

Will Thor Be Ready?

Even with all of the help Thor is getting, and his own impressive efforts, we’re still speeding closer and closer to the WAR OF THE REALMS. Will Thor be able to handle Malekith and his massive army? Can Asgard or Midgard survive this onslaught? Aaron is setting us up for some majorly epic storytelling with that war coming up, and Thor is one of the more exciting books Marvel puts out.

THOR #2 by Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo
Thor is getting pushed to the limits leading up to the War of the Realms, especially in THOR #8. Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo send Thor through the crucible of Heven, and he emerges like a God Boss. Terrific action, great art, and nice supporting cast moments!
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Heven Gets Hammered!
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