You were there for writer Jason Aaron’s tragic conclusion in MIGHTY THOR #705. Now, witness a new beginning as Aaron embarks on a revival of the God of Thunder in THOR #1! After a brief stint as the hero Odinson, Thor reclaims his godly status. However, he is still not quite worthy enough to wield Mjolnir once more.

After Odin’s weapons vault is destroyed along with Asgardia itself, Asgardian artifacts are scattered and lost throughout Earth. As a result, Thor takes it upon himself to reclaim them for safekeeping. Unfortunately for the God of Thunder, his quest will not be as simple as he may have believed it to be.

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The preview below features the introduction of THOR #1, one filled with gorgeous artwork from the incomparable Christian Ward and Mike Del Mundo. In these preview pages, we witness Thor in the midst of a chase, one that ends in an unexpected confrontation.

The Juggernaut himself prepares to face-off against Thor. However, he isn’t feeling the most optimistic about a battle with the mutant also known as Cain Marko. The story then jumps forward eons into the future. There, an elderly Thor battles a shark as he comes to realize that a perilous threat has come for Midgard.

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The stage has been set, and though he is without his loyal hammer, Thor must use all the power he possesses to protect the ten realms before war ravages them all!

THOR #1 hits shelves June 13th. Until then, enjoy ComicsVerse’s first look at the upcoming issue. The pages featured below preview a unique mode of storytelling from Aaron as he traverses the journey of Thor in the present and future. So, be there when the latest adventure for the God of Thunder begins as he asserts himself as the protector of the universe as we know it!

THOR #1 Image Gallery

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