Here’s what’s coming This Week on Arrowverse for 11/25! James Olsen meets Agent Liberty, the Flash deals with fathers, Oliver is betrayed, and the Legends get audited. Read on for more!

This Week on Arrowverse: SUPERGIRL

This week on SUPERGIRL brings us, “Rather the Fallen Angel.” The Children of Liberty are growing stronger and it looks as though James Olsen’s efforts in reponse will create some significant strain of those he cares about.

The synopsis tells us that James (Mehcad Brooks) will continue to get deeper into the Children of Liberty’s as he’s trying to meet the big man himself, Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer). Meanwhile, it looks as though Manchester Black and Supergirl will be following a lead as to a location for Liberty, but things go south. Lena Luthor will also be starting her first trials with the Harun-El. The episode promo very much focuses on James.

It begins with Agent Liberty saying that by tomorrow night, Supergirl will be dead. As he says this, we see Children of Liberty binding Supergirl in chains. James Olsen is shaking Agent Liberty’s hand. The Children are planning to blow up a monument with Supergirl inside. A man tells Olsen that if he blows up the monument, the public will think that he rigged it himself. James then says that he does this in the name of humanity. Supergirl is then screaming James’ name.

This Week On Arrowverse
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I doubt James would go full rogue. This is Superman’s best friend we’re talking about. More than likely he’s trying to change hearts and minds from within via infiltration.

There’s no mention of Lena’s Harun-El trials. I believe they will be similar to Lex Luthor’s Everyman Project from the comics. The Everyman Project was a procedure Lex developed so that the ordinary person could gain powers. It was his INCREDIBLES Syndrome-esque plot: If everyone’s super, no one will be. However, it seems as though Lena’s intentions are purer.

This Week on Arrowverse: THE FLASH

This week on THE FLASH brings us “O Come, All Ye Thankful.” It looks like fathers and daughters will be the theme of this week’s episode as we’ll see Nora having struggles alongside the Weather Witch, daughter of the Weather Wizard. Furthermore, we’ll be seeing Cicada and his daughter as well.

The synopsis reads that Nora will be having some anger issues over Barry’s disappearance in the future. It also tells us the Team Flash will be trying to stop the Weather Witch from killing her own father.

This Week On Arrowverse
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The promo shows us the Cicada angle. He talks to his daughter, who’s comatose in a hospital bed, that he knows they didn’t get off to a great start. He says he wants to fix all that. We see him building a doll house. He says he’ll keep her safe and fed. Then there’s what looks to be a flashback the night of the Thinker’s Enlightenment. There’s a chaos of people, his daughter unconscious, and Cicada in the hospital as the doctors remove the piece that will become the weapon he uses to kill metas. He promises her that she’ll have everything a kid should have. We then see Nora racing to an unconscious (maybe dying?) Barry, holding him in her arms.

THE FLASH continues to build this season’s big bad into a sympathetic character. It looks as though we’ll be seeing what happened to him and his daughter, as well as the source that drives his anger and desire to kill metas. I’m very interested to see how Nora’s anger manifests. So far she’s been in complete adoration of the father she barely knew. However, perhaps there’s a part of her that’s angry that he left her, whether unintended or not? Most likely.

This Week on Arrowverse: ARROW

Stanley is a snake!!! At least, that’s definitely what it looks like. I’d like to say I saw this coming, but I really just wanted Oliver to have a trustworthy friend. Insert the heaviest of sighs here. Is Stanley the true Demon? I’m hoping we’ll get answers this week, but I really don’t know because our old friend Diaz has shown up at the prison.

To reiterate, Diaz is actually at Slabside. More than at, he is inside. The trailer for this week’s episode, conveniently called “The Slabside Redemption,” shows Diaz straight up walking inside the prison, along with other scenes of him firing a gun around all of the prisoners. How did he escape police custody? Does Stanley help out Diaz?

This Week On Arrowverse
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The synopsis doesn’t give many more answers. It says that “Oliver (Stephen Amell) makes a choice that will affect his entire life, as well as the lives of everyone he cares about.” Honestly, it always feels like Oliver is making decisions and choices that affect everyone around him, so this doesn’t feel too unusual. That being said, it’ll still be quite dramatic! Will he kill Diaz or let him go? Will he escape prison? Could his decision be completely unrelated to Diaz? I feel like the answer to that last question is no, but you never know! Or I don’t at least.

Since none of our other leading characters are mentioned in the synopsis, I can’t help but wonder what’ll happen with them in this episode. Maybe Felicity will be able to meet the new Green Arrow or Dinah and Laurel will team up again. Or maybe we’ll get more of those flashforwards and find out who killed Felicity (or if they even did).

This Week on Arrowverse: LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

Last week’s LEGENDS managed to blend Thanksgiving and kaiju together into one crazy package. It was another strong episode, especially with the cameo of original GODZILLA director Ishiro Honda. The madcap Thanksgiving moments with Nate, Gary, and Ava were just as good. However, this week the Legends face an even greater, more horrifying threat — an audit.

This Week On Arrowverse
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I’ve seen these type of episodes before (plucky heroes proving themselves to bureaucrats), and I know they can be done well. However, it’s something of a whiplash moment with Nate’s father Hank. He seemed to be warming to his son and the Time Bureau. Now, he’s not only involved with whatever Project: Hades is, he’s actually auditing the Legends. It’s weird enough that he’s gone from a likeable progress to Walter Peck, but there’s also one glaring problem.

The Legends don’t actually MAKE money, as far as we know. I’m not saying it’s impossible since something has to keep the Waverider fueled. However, even Sara’s says the Legends don’t get paid, so how are they a budgetary problem?

This Week on Arrowverse: Character Opportunity Despite Shaky Foundation

Still, it’s an episode that can work if everyone plays their cards right. There’s also more to explore character-wise. Charlie seems to be fitting in, but this audit could bring Nate back aboard the ship (and won’t THAT be awkward?) Ray and Nora are another complex story holding promise. Nora may have surrendered to the Bureau, but that doesn’t mean she’ll stay in their custody. After all, there’s still plenty of dark magic she can offer the team.

Overall, it’s an episode that seems to be built on shaky ground, but it wouldn’t be the first Arrowverse episode or even show that makes that work. Hopefully, it will continue the trend of strong episodes in a solid season. There’s what’s coming this week on Arrowverse! Let us know in the comments what you’re most excited for!

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