Here’s what’s coming up this week on Arrowverse, 11/11! Supergirl meets her match, Rag Doll kidnaps The Flash, Oliver may meet the Demon, and the Legends go to summer camp? Read on to learn more!

This Week On Arrowverse: SUPERGIRL

It looks like aliens living in National City are in trouble! This week on SUPERGIRL brings us episode 5, Season 4. Titled “Parasite Lost,” Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) unintentionally becomes the reason for why those aliens are in peril.

The synopsis for “Parasite Lost” reveals that Col. Haley makes a surprising decision about Supergirl. It goes on to say that Kara writes some articles that highlight some of the aliens living in National City. Her intentions were to help, hoping to diminish humans’ fear of aliens in general. However, it looks as though her articles put targets on those aliens’ backs.

This Week on Arrowverse
Image from the CW

The promo shows us some more of the action we can expect. It begins with Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) telling a man to keep feeding and he’ll become invincible. This is our Parasite, as the title suggests. He’s seen sucking the energy of an alien. Alex tells Kara that it’s time to rumble. Liberty tells the parasite that he can absorb any alien’s abilities. Kara faces him, throws a punch, and the Parasite catches it, absorbing her powers. Alex says that this is one monster that Kara can’t fight.

The Parasite then uses its newly acquired heat vision to cause mayhem. A short clip shows us more of this Parasite vs. Kara fight scene, which you can watch here. It will be interesting to learn what Col. Haley’s decision about Supergirl will be. It also looks like this Parasite is different than the one we saw in Season 2. It seems to be based on the more recent comics, as opposed to the earlier ones where Parasite is more of a hulking monster that gets bigger/stronger with the more energy it gets.

This Week On Arrowverse: THE FLASH

THE FLASH is back! After taking a week off to encourage people to vote, we’re getting “All Doll’d Up.” However, Episode 5, Season 5 gets a little creepy. This Week on Arrowverse brings us Rag Doll on THE FLASH, played by Troy James. Rag Doll is a villain who is an extreme contortionist, able to fit into small spaces to enact his crimes.

The synopsis reveals that Nora unintentionally reveals something about the future that causes a problem for Iris, Barry tries to help by having Iris team-up with him to stop Rag Doll, and Caitlin will learn something new about her father. Caitlin’s father exists as Caitlin’s main arc so far, and I’m assuming that we’ll continue to see more as the season goes on. I’m always excited and curious about what Nora reveals about the future, so hopefully whatever she inadvertently reveals will be good as well.

This Week on Arrowverse
Image from the CW

The episode’s promo gives us a little bit more about Rag Doll, giving off a very horror-esque vibe. The way Rag Doll moves is almost unnatural and unsettling. The promo reveals that Rag Doll kidnaps Barry, and the rest of Team Flash has to go and save him. The other cool thing about this episode is that Troy James, the actor playing Rag Doll, is an actual contortionist! In fact, very recently he was featured on America’s Got Talent.

Some, if not all, of his movements, will be real, making Rag Doll even more engaging and creepy.

This Week On Arrowverse: ARROW

Buckle up folks, ARROW is getting wild!

After seeing the psychiatrist work his way into Oliver’s mind in last week’s episode, I knew things would get crazy. However, I didn’t know just how crazy! This week’s episode, simply titled “The Demon,” seems like it’ll be putting a lot of its focus on Oliver again, judging from both the trailer and the synopsis. The synopsis says “Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) learns something new about Oliver (Stephen Amell) that shocks her. Meanwhile, Diggle (David Ramsey) asks Curtis (Echo Kellum) to go undercover for ARGUS. Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) works with an unlikely ally.” But instead of it being just Oliver in prison, it looks like Felicity will round up at least some of the gang to help her out, judging from these released set photos.

This Week on Arrowverse
Image from the CW

The big buzz is that Oliver’s going to be “erased.” While it’s not totally clear if that means his memories, personality, or something in between, it is clear that it’s not a good thing! I definitely don’t want to see Oliver give up his fighting spirit, do you?

As for the rest of the gang, I’m guessing that Dinah’s either working with Laurel or the new Green Arrow as her “unlikely ally.” We have all seen her reaction to having a new vigilante in town, but we also saw her help him(?) escape. Will this lead to all of our favorite vigilantes returning? I sure hope so! I miss seeing everyone decked out, fighting crime together.

But as I said at the beginning, ARROW is getting wild, and it’s just starting, so I’m settling in for a lot more crazy adventures to be had! I’m hoping that means we’ll actually get to meet the Demon this week.

This Week on Arrowverse: LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

After last week’s venture in 70’s English punk, LEGENDS goes back to fun this week. I admit I wasn’t quite as enthralled with last week’s episode as I thought I’d be (how do you go into the British punk scene and not even have Johnny Rotten show up?)

I’m also less than thrilled with the new addition of the shapeshifter Charlie, despite her existence proving that not all the magical beings are pure evil. Locking her into Amaya’s form takes away story potential and feels like an excuse to keep Nate at the Time Bureau and keep Maisie Richardson-Sellars on the show. Then again, Nate and Gary are fun to watch…

This Week on Arrowverse
Image from the CW

Back to this week, though, the Legends seem to be diving back into madcap fun with the crew at a 90s summer camp. It’s the perfect fish out of the water story for most of the team; Constantine in counselor mode already looks to be an utter ball of sarcasm and darkness. I can only pray that Mick and Zari get involved as well. There’s also the potential for this week’s magical monster.

They’ve described the creature as a ‘swamp-type thing’, so yeah, there’s already the potential for the Swamp Thing to emerge here. This could continue the trend of the monsters, not all being evil but also introducing the Swamp Thing and the Green into the Legends’ universe. God knows I wouldn’t mind seeing that.

This Week On Arrowverse: The Legends’ New (Old?) Addition

As for the Legends themselves, there’s obviously the question of Charlie and how she will fit in now. The Legends do not seem entirely comfortable with her, especially in her current form. With any luck, she will find her place soon (or at least get out of that disco suit). There’s also Ray, and how his ‘second chances’ will work out with both Charlie and Nora. All in all, this episode can hopefully mix the fun and character work of the last few episodes together.

There’s what’s coming this week on Arrowverse for 11/11! Let us know in the comments below what you’re most excited about!

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The Arrowverse shows all air on the CW.

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