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Marvel Comics continues to put out refreshing works in their summer slate including completely new series starring Iron Man, Thor, and Venom! This week, we focus on some of those new releases and their character-centric narratives along with one of Marvel’s best ongoing series.

So, without further ado, here are our selections for this week’s installment of ComicsVerse’s Unsung Marvel Moments!

DOMINO #3: The Past is Dark and Full of Terrors

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DOMINO #3. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Many of this week’s Unsung Marvel Moments go back in time to explore secret, undiscovered moments of a hero’s past. DOMINO #3 is no exception as Gail Simone traverses the origins of her titular mercenary’s abilities. Thus, DOMINO #3’s Marvel moment lies in those grim flashbacks that depict Neena Thurman’s disturbing subjugation to experimentation.

As a result of these experiments, Neena uncovered her lucky powers and attained her trademark birthmark. However, she also lost every single person that was ever close to her. So, her fear of losing her closest friends, exemplified in the start of DOMINO #3, roots to the very first time she ever experienced loss.

Now, the collaboration of artists David Baldeón, Anthony Piper, and Jesus Aburtov also makes the flashback sequences particularly impactful. They highlight Neena’s isolation as well as the lack of empathy within the facility she was forced to spend her childhood within.

Though DOMINO #3 takes a break from the overarching narrative, it excels in its characterization of Domino herself. So, thanks to an engaging, tragic narrative that digs deep into Domino’s origins as well as some fitting imagery, DOMINO #3 makes the cut in this week’s Unsung Marvel Moments.

VENOM #2: The Secret Origin of the Strickland Symbiote

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VENOM #2. Cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

VENOM #1 featured an unexpected shift in the relationship between Eddie Brock and his alien symbiote. It also introduced a new, monstrous threat into the fray that nearly killed Eddie. Now, though the first installment of Venom’s latest series began on an intense note, VENOM #2 slows the pace.

The issue centralizes on some much-needed context regarding this new villain who was actually just an ordinary man. Like DOMINO #3, VENOM #2 finds its strength in its flashback sequences. In one of those sequences, a soldier that was left for dead in a war zone is given an opportunity for revival. However, it is not the sort of revival one would expect.

Symbiotes in Vietnam in VENOM #2

The soldier, named Rex Strickland, is granted a sample of an alien symbiote. Upon receiving that sample, Strickland immediately becomes consumed by the power suddenly thrust upon him. This sequence in itself is totally engaging, but perhaps the most intriguing aspect of it is the cameo from none other than Nick Fury.

That’s right. Fury authorized the project that created the monster Strickland would become.

Thus, VENOM #2 expertly traverses pockets of the symbiotes’ history that had yet to be revealed to readers. It is a consistently solid read that incorporates important figures of Marvel Comics while solidifying its own original narrative. So, if you haven’t read this series yet, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.

THOR #1: Issue of Brotherly Love

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THOR #1. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Jason Aaron’s new era of Thor has finally arrived with THOR #1 — and it certainly fails to disappoint! Odinson may not have his trusty mjolnir, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still the god of thunder. Aaron puts the original Thor back at the helm in this first issue, and he also brings back the Asgardian god’s most famous villain: Loki.

This issue covers a lot of ground and includes a lot of characters, from Odin to Jane Foster to Thor. But, without a doubt, the most important character Aaron includes is Thor’s not-so-dear brother. Since Mangog destroyed the Bifrost during his attack on Asgardia, Thor is unable to travel to the different realms. This means he cannot help fight in the War of Realms against dark elf Malekith. In THOR #1, Loki offers to use his magic to send Thor to the battlefront…but not without a price. Apparently, Loki wants one of the Asgardian artifacts Thor has been collecting. His reason we can only assume is evil.

Family Bonding

Since Loki stabbed his adopted mother, Freyja, in the back in MIGHTY THOR, Odinson’s been wanting to “smite” him for his crimes. He gets the opportunity to do just that when Loki comes to make a deal. While they do fight for a bit, it becomes clear that Thor’s want to save the realms from Malekith outweighs his hatred for his brother. In the end, Thor agrees to use Loki’s magic to help him get to the battlefront. 

With this interaction between Thor and Loki, I think Aaron is setting up a sort of resurrection arc. Not resurrection of Loki himself, but a resurrection of Thor and Loki’s relationship. I don’t expect them to be as cuddly as they are in the MCU, but I do think their relationship will improve. Loki is, at his core, mischievous and evil. But, the way Aaron has treated him so far in THOR makes it feel as though he’ll be a central protagonist instead of antagonist. Loki’s introduction scene is humorous, and Aaron makes sure to not firmly tie Loki to Malekith. This makes me think his relationship with Thor might improve over the course of THOR.

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