Last night, anime distributor, Kuma Holdings, released a new trailer for the English dub of THIS BOY SUFFERS FROM CRYSTALLIZATION. Originally released in December of 2014, the anime movie received critical acclaim. However, the story by Soubi Yamamoto (writer and director) went under the radar when compared to most Shonen anime. Since Crunchyroll began streaming THIS BOY SUFFERS FROM CRYSTALLIZATION in 2016, however, the movie has become more popular. Now, fans can even stream the English dub on iTunes and Amazon. Check out the trailer below!

Suffers from What?

THIS BOY SUFFERS FROM CRYSTALLIZATION follows the story of Ayumi Tamari. For the most part, Ayumi Tamari is just a normal high school student. He isn’t entirely sure who he is yet, something we can all relate to. Oh! And when Ayumi stresses out, his skin begins to harden, encasing him in a crystal-like substance. Isn’t high school the worst?

Luckily, Ayumi is able to confide in his homeroom teacher, Kouya Onihara. Onihara finds the crystals growing on Ayumi fascinating, and the duo quickly strike up a bond. Over time, Ayumi develops feelings for his teacher as a result of their time spent together. Onihara is the only one who can help Ayumi handle his anxiety. What follows is a story of romance and rejection, with some fantastical elements added for good measure.


Tamari and Onihara from THIS BOY SUFFERS FROM CRYSTALLIZATION standing in a bedroom together.
A student and his teacher. | Image: Kuma Holdings

After watching the trailer, it’s certain that this movie offers a change of pace from most anime. Most fantasy stories are driven by action and intrigue. In contrast, THIS BOY SUFFERS FROM CRYSTALLIZATION focuses on the minutiae of everyday life. Who are we? Are we destined to be alone? These are the questions Soubi Yamamoto asks in his original anime film. Enhanced by some fantastical elements to physically manifest common anxieties. As a result, it seems as though THIS BOY SUFFERS FROM CRYSTALLIZATION isn’t afraid to stand out.

What do you think? Excited for the movie? Let us know if you watch the dub or sub in the comments below!

THIS BOY SUFFERS FROM CRYSTALLIZATION (sub) is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Amazon.

Featured Image courtesy of Kuma Holdings

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