THE TERRIFICS have been through a lot so far in their time together, and finally came together as a group in the last issue. THE TERRIFICS #15 sees not only a new beginning for THE TERRIFICS, but also the arrival of a new creative team. Writer Gene Luen Yang and artist Stephen Segovia take over with this issue, and a new story that challenges belief and defies science.

Reliving the Past

THE TERRIFICS #15 starts with a date, but it’s not just any date. Paula Holt of Earth-23 has asked out… the Earth-1 counterpart to her deceased husband, Michael Holt aka Mr. Terrific. Michael, for his part, starts recalling the night his wife died. He recalls everything with perfect detail, including the scar on her hand that he used to identify her. The scar is noticeably absent from the living, Paula Holt, in front of him and it gives him pause.

Michael didn’t have time to ponder that thought, as the two T-Spheres alerted him to an emergency at Stagg Industries. A giant snake is attacking the complex, and the other Terrifics are fighting it off. Plastic Man and Metamorpho come up with a rather whimsical way to deal with the snake, only for it to backfire on them. Phantom Girl tries to rescue her friends, and sees something much different than what the two consumed heroes see inside the snake. She was mystified. Mr. Terrific traps a mysterious being, a silver woman, questioning the being. The being simply says that they are the herald of the snake, and proceed to teleport away with the giant serpent.

THE TERRIFICS #15 Page 1. Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

THE TERRIFICS #15 Gets Biblical

The next day, the team returned to Stagg Industries, this time to talk with Simon Stagg about what happened. Stagg brushes them off as he gives a big presentation. Mr. Terrific warns Stagg not to steal his proprietary T-Sphere tech, which Stagg brushes off. Stagg is actually showing off a new holographic reality simulator to sell to the military. As Simon Stagg and his daughter Sapphire go through their presentation, something horrible goes wrong. The simulated marines began to attack, and if Metamorpho wasn’t there, there would be a lot of dead military brass.

While all of this is happening, Paula and Michael are having an important conversation. Michael dwells on the fact that the Paula in front of her is not the Paula he married. She’s close, but the differences are stark and important to him. Paula wants him to believe they were brought together for a reason and have some faith. The battle spills out into the plaza and interrupts the Holts. The team got together to fight. The soldier simulations become literal frogmen, green skin and all. The Terrifics lose their advantage until Ms. Terrific suits up and helps to take the froggy people down.

As the heroes regroup, Plastic Man and Ms. Terrific begin to piece everything together. They’ve seen water turn to blood, frogs, and a swarm of gnats coming at them.  The issue ends when they realize they are up against biblical plagues, and the source of those plagues: God!

Gene Luen Yang Starts Off With a Bang

THE TERRIFICS #15 Page 3. Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Writer Gene Luen Yang took over the series from Jeff Lemire, who had a lengthy run lasting fourteen issues. Lemire’s emphasis was on family, building one that was forced together, argued often, and then ultimately came together in the end. Yang takes the existing dynamic and makes slight modifications, but they are ones that make sense. The bickering between Metamorpho and Plastic Man still exists, but it’s playful. Phantom Girl is the emotional glue and heart of the team, and she anticipates emotional moments. A good example of this is when Paula surprises Michael at Stagg Industries for coffee and Linnya pulls Plastic Man aside, in order to give them privacy.

Yang’s first issue sets up a story called THE GOD GAME, which seems to imply that maybe the God that the team is facing isn’t the literal Creator of All. It’s unfair to speculate, given that we’re only one issue in the storyline, but I think the villain or threat will have something to do with Stagg Industries’ new toy. The mystery has only begun, and I am here for the ride!

Segovia Jumps On THE TERRIFICS #15

The excellent Stephen Segovia joins THE TERRIFICS with this issue. Segovia has recently been seen on books like JUSTICE LEAGUE, and there’s a reason why. Segovia’s line work is great, and he’s got a great eye for action sequences. His posing of Plastic Man and Ms. Terrific during the final battle of the book is dynamic and really draws the eye. Segovia’s art is a great complement to Yang’s story, which is a high stakes story involving massive battle set pieces. Segovia is a welcome addition to Team Terrifics. I’m excited to see him draw some more dynamic battle scenes most of all.

They’re Not Fighting God… Are They?

As I mentioned earlier, I doubt that THE TERRIFICS are facing DC’s version of God, sometimes known as The Presence. It’s more likely that something else is wrong, specifically with Stagg’s new product. Still, Jeff Lemire started the series off with a bang, and I don’t see why Gene Luen Yang wouldn’t as well. It was a great start for Yang and Segovia, and I’m excited to see what else is in store for our wacky family of heroes. THE TERRIFICS continues to be an excellent series that anybody can pick up.

THE TERRIFICS #15 by Gene Luen Yang, Stephen Segovia and Protobunker
A new creative team takes over THE TERRIFICS! Writer Gene Luen Yang offers a new challenge to the team, and nails all the character interactions that Lemire had established. Segovia's artwork is excellent, particular in the action sequences.
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New Beginning!
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