THESE SAVAGE SHORES #2 by Ram V, Sumit Kumar, Vittorio Astone, and Aditya Bidikar
We know that Alain Pierrefont has been murdered, and now so does constable Zachariah Sturn. We follow Sturn through Calicut and the palace of Mysore to find out what happens. However, Sturn may have bitten off more than he can chew. Rma V keeps the story rolling, giving us a tale that keeps giving. But how much do we know about the characters, really? Sumit Kumar and Vittorio Astone do an amazing job with the art, totally submerging readers into the architecture and warmth of India. Pair all this with the letters of Aditya Bidikar, and the story is absolutely phenomenal.
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Are you looking for a story that has monsters, love, and colonization? Look no further than THESE SAVAGE SHORES. With each issue, writer Ram V, artist Sumit Kumar, colorist Vittorio Astone, and letterer Aditya Bidikar give us a story that is sure to resonate with us for a long time. THESE SAVAGE SHORES #2 is no exception.

THESE SAVAGE SHORES #2 thrusts us back into the journey of Bishan and Kori, as they work to keep the East India Company out of India. However, with news of Alain Pierrefont’s death, more people are becoming suspicious. Alain should have died well before he got to India. In order to find out, Zachariah Sturn finds himself traveling to Calicut.



The story starts with Constable Zachariah Sturn, who is currently in Calicut. Sturn, who tried to arrest Alain Pierrefont after seeing him murder a woman, has heard rumors that Alain is still alive. While writing a letter to his brother, Sturn details following Alain to India, landing the constable in the palace of Mysore. The constable is suspicious of the Khan’s family, so he watches over them closely.

In Mysore, we learn of unsettling news. It seems the East India Company has visited the Khan. The company has proposed a trade. The East India Company goes to Mysore to request trade routes through India. In return, Mysore would receive taxes from the trades. However, the palace does not welcome this offer. The Khan believes this is the company asking a death knell from the country.

At the same time, an old leopard has been hunting around the palace. The leopard has been picking off easy prey because age has stopped its ability. This has left children, babies in particular, susceptible to being picked up. The Khan sends out his son to handle the old cat, but what the prince, Bishan, Kori, and Sturn experience is definitely not your average hunt.

Who are Bishan, Kori, and Prince Vikram?

The character development in the story is overall slow going. However, this shouldn’t be a deterrent from reading THESE SAVAGE SHORES. Instead of giving us who each character is, Ram and Kumar give us information on who the characters are slowly. The story realistically drops readers into the situation, forcing us to figure out who each character is, and it’s absolutely lovely.

We do learn a little bit more about Bishan and Kori. Bishan is an immortal, but to what degree remains a little uncertain. It is also revealed that Kori just wants to  be with Bishan. However, Bishan seems unsure of how to handle Kori’s desires. Since Bishan is immortal and Kori is mortal, Bishan knows that his time with Kori is limited. Yet at the same time, Bishan wants Kori to be happy. Finding the balance is probably going to be trickier than he expects.

One of the major character development scenes comes closer to the end. Sturn is about to murder the prince. Bishan, however, manages to step in at the last moment. Bishan is not totally himself, having lost his sense of reality for a brief moment. He turns to kill Sturn as a reaction. However, Kori yells for Bishan right at the last second, which snaps Bishan back to reality. This gives us a sense of Bishan’s loyalty to and love for Kori. We see that she can pull Bishan out of dark mindsets and pull him into reality, giving us a closer sense of their relationship.


Everything is Beautiful

The artwork for THESE SAVAGE SHORES is absolutely flawless. Sumit Kumar and Vittorio Astone do a phenomenal job with this issue. We get scenes from all types of environments, from Indian jungles to English cities and everything in between. Every page is a new treat to behold. THESE SAVAGE SHORES #2 is no exception.

Kumar captures Indian architecture beautifully. Once we arrive at the Palace of Mysore, we get a full glimpse at how big and wonderful these buildings are. The attention to all the small details within Indian art and architecture can be tricky to capture. However, Kumar manages to catch these buildings in all of their glory and transcribe it for readers. These images are complemented by Vittorio Astone’s color work. Astone takes great care in coloring each panel, conveying the reader’s place within this universe. Bright yellows fill the panel during the daylight, which are always complemented by night’s dark yet rich blues.

Additionally, there needs to be mention of letterer Aditya Bidikar. While writing a letter to his brother, Zachariah Sturn’s words greatly resemble handwritten sentiments. This is complemented with speech bubbles that look more like torn pieces of paper, giving readers a realistic feel to what Sturn is writing. This beautiful addition to the story gives readers more depth and makes the world feel all too real.

Overall Thoughts on THESE SAVAGE SHORES #2

Overall, THESE SAVAGE SHORES definitely needs to be added to your pull list. The perspective of vampirism within another culture is absolutely fascinating. Additionally, the scenes and panels are absolutely beautiful. Ram V, Sumit Kumar, Vittorio Astone, and Aditya Bidikar give us a stunning story that is sure to keep your attention. If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to pick this series up! Get issue #1 here!

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