Artist Stephen Byrne and writer Mark Russell have a hell of a task on their hands: Bring THE WONDER TWINS into the twenty-first century. They have been succeeding with this project for eight issues, and there’s even more to come. We caught up with Russell and Byrne to discuss the series at New York Comic-Con 2019.

THE WONDER TWINS in the Modern World

Even though most of us know the Wonder Twins from the old-school SUPER FRIENDS television show, Russell and Byrne have brought new life to the characters. Russell gives them modern high school issues to deal with. Meanwhile, Byrne brings his unique style to the look of Zan and Jayna.

I also ask the team what got them interested in THE WONDER TWINS. Russell just seems to gravitate towards projects that may seem like a bad idea on the surface (such as EXIT STAGE LEFT: THE SNAGGLESPUSS CHRONICLES), and he had some ideas of where to take the characters. Byrne was eager to work with Russell, so he was excited to get that chance here.

Russell and I discussed SNAGGLEPUSS briefly, as I cannot resist the urge to talk about that book every single chance I get to do so.

Byrne explained how he incorporates his style into books that have very different tones or audiences. For example, his run on GREEN ARROW looks very different from THE WONDER TWINS. Even so, it still distinctly Byrne.

I posed some fun questions to this duo. I asked them about the unique qualities or quirks they find in each other’s work. Byrne also shared what form he’d like to draw the twins in that he hasn’t yet gotten the opportunity to execute. To find out what Russell and Byrne had to say, check out our full conversation in the video above.


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