Squirrel Girl #41

Squirrel Girl has had some tough fights recently and earned a break in this THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #41 preview. However, villainy doesn’t rest! Squirrel Girl will find herself up against a cunning and not-so-humble individual, but it’s nothing she can’t handle! She’s unbeatable! Check out the preview below!


Squirrel Girl #41


Written by: Ryan North

Art by: Naomi Franquiz

Cover by: Erica Henderson

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In the past months, Squirrel Girl has battled Kraven, rescued NYC from supernatural silence, kinda-maybe died and also fought Skrulls! So now it’s time for a nice break…which is why in THIS issue, Squirrel Girl does nothing but watch public domain movies on television! That’s right! She just sits there! You can kinda see the TV screen over her shoulder in a couple of panels, but that’s it! It’s really quiet and relaxing and nothing much happens……THAT IS, UNTIL NANCY WHITEHEAD AND ANOTHER ESU STUDENT BY THE NAME OF PETER PARKER ARE TAKEN HOSTAGE BY A SUPER VILLAIN INTENT ON PROVING THAT SHE’S THE SMARTEST PERSON ON THE PLANET! Then it’s super hero battles featuring THOR and SHE-HULK on a DATE! SQUIRREL GIRL matching wits against MS. QUIZZLER! And MORE! Artist Naomi Franquiz makes her MARVEL DEBUT in a standalone adventure you won’t want to miss!


Squirrel Girl #41 Squirrel Girl #41 Squirrel Girl #41 Squirrel Girl #41 Squirrel Girl #41

Squirrel Girl #41
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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