THE TERRIFICS #3 by Joe Bennett, Jeff Lemire, Sandra Hope, Jamie Mendoza, Art Thibert, and Marcelo Maiolo ends the current “Meet the Terrifics” storyline with a smash. Our heroes discover their new status quo while also trying not to kill each other in the process. In the meantime, several new developments are shown which will keep the series moving forward, like the disappearance of Tom Strong!

THE TERRIFICS #3 Page #1. Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Stuck Together in THE TERRIFICS #3

The story picks up from the last issue where Mr. Terrific figures out that his fellow companions of Plastic Man, Metamorpho, and Phantom Girl cannot be separated for more than a mile’s distance without exploding into dark energy following the events of the last issue. Mr. Terrific felt the pain while trying to leave the others and deduces what that means for them.

He decides to investigate further to see if there is a cure. The team deals with this newfound information in different ways. While they are dealing with their new problems, a War Wheel suddenly shows up at their doorstep.

THE TERRIFICS #3 Page #2. Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Terrifically Troublesome

THE TERRIFICS #3 does a good job for the first arc of a new series. It establishes the characters, multiple mysteries, and various hurdles to overcome. Most of the characterization seems spot on for the cast. Lemire has a knack for writing Plastic Man and Metamorpho. Their partnership and how they bounce off of each other is a delight.

The archetype of a fun-loving jackass and the hard, grumpy partner might be a stereotype but considering these characters have rarely interacted before this series is a highlight. Metamorpho and his world is another highlight in the series. Lemire seems to have a handle on not just him, but also his most well-known supporting cast such as Simon Stagg, Sapphire, and Java. Considering they seem to be part of the book, I hope we get to know each of these characters more in-depth.

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The one character that seems different is Michael Holt AKA Mr. Terrific. He just seems overtly angry and standoff-ish. Considering we haven’t seen much of him in either the new 52 or Rebirth, there could be some changes that have happened to the character since we last saw him. All that is presented to us is that Simon Stagg has stolen his company and he is pissed about it.

THE TERRIFICS #3 Page #3. Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

That’s not to say there isn’t some fun in this issue. Plastic Man makes a few one-liners and there is a running gag involving Java cleaning up huge messes which is pretty fun. It was surprising to find out that Java’s a lawyer considering he is a Neanderthal. Lemire also pokes at Marvel with a scene where Metamorpho and Plastic Man create “The Hardball Special” which seems very similar to fastball special Wolverine and Colossus preform.

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Terrific Art

Joe Bennett’s art is clean and crisp. His characters show a variety of emotions and even the more outlandish characters of Plastic Man and Metamorpho are handled well here. There are a few splash pages featuring an evil version of Metamorpho and another featuring the team and the War Wheel which is fantastic.

A big thumbs up goes to the team of Sandra Hope, Jamie Mendoza, and Art Thibert. While reading the issue I had no idea there were 3 different inkers until I reached the final page that featured the credits. It’s a testament to their craft that they were able to contribute without it being a mess.

Typically the bigger the art team the bigger the risk of things being unwieldy, but they did a great job here.

Until Next Time

THE TERRIFICS #3 is a good end for the first storyline. We get a deeper look into the series’ characters and for the most part, they ring true. The exception is Mr. Terrific; he feels a little off, based on his history. Even with his odd behavior the story is fun and adds deeper layers to what we’ve seen before.

We also get several problems and possible threats that the series will explore. An evil Metamorpho running amok, a missing Tom Strong, and Phantom Girl’s home are all topics I’m looking forward to.

Crazy and Fun
THE TERRIFICS #3 by Joe Bennett, Jeff Lemire, Sandra Hope, Jamie Mendoza, Art Thibert, and Marcelo Maiolo wrap up the current storyline. We get a better feel for all the characters involved while some high jinx involving a War Wheel spoil any downtime they have.
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