THE TERRIFICS are no more! The team has split up, and Mister Terrific has gone into the Multiverse to face Doc Dread alone. Doc Dread is ready for him, and in THE TERRIFICS #13, he is ready to continue his dark task of killing Michael Holts throughout the Multiverse. Can Michael figure a way out? Let’s find out!

Lost Love Rediscovered

THE TERRIFICS #13 picks up where the last issue left off, with Mr. Terrific on Earth-23 facing down Doc Dread’s team, The Dreadfuls. Dread wants to kill every iteration of Mr. Terrific in the multiverse, and he’s in Earth-23 to twist the knife into Mr. Terrific. Earth-23’s Mr. Terrific is Michael Holt’s wife, Paula! Just as The Dreadfuls (Metalmorpho, Phantom Boy and a vampiric Plastic Man) are about to finish off Mr. Terrific, Paula shows up with her T-Spheres causing a distraction. Husband and wife don’t have much time for their pseudo-reunion, and Paula makes an exit for them through the Multiverse.

Back in the Prime Earth, Linnya is in Mr. Terrific’s base, desperately sending out the same distress call from the last issue. Just as her despair begins to reach its peak, she is startled by a voice. It’s Plastic Man, and his son, Offspring. As Plastic Man introduces Linnya and Offspring, there’s an awkward moment, as these two have met previously. The reunion doesn’t stop there, as Rex and his dog show up, both Metamorphized. The heroes are ready to go, but Linnya decides to phone a friend to help them navigate the Multiverse.

THE TERRIFICS #13 Page 1. Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

TERRIFICS #13 then switches to the two Terrifics, who jump to Earth-51, where they have a tender conversation. They both remind each other of their deceased spouse, but they have to soldier on, as Doc Dread and his Dreadfuls are on to them. They hop from universe to universe, ending up in the Red Son Universe, where they make their final stand. Fortunately for them, the cavalry arrives! To find out who shows up, pick up THE TERRIFICS #13!

THE TERRIFICS #13 Redefines Family… and Loss

There was a lot going on in this issue of THE TERRIFICS, even if it’s primarily four scenes. The reunion between Michael and Paula Holt was very melancholy. They’ve lost each other in their universes but find alternate universe versions. It’s an agonizing prospect to find a lost loved one, only then to realize they’re from another universe. This could have a lot of implications for the two. Does Paula leave her Earth? Does Michael leave his? There’s no time to contemplate that, as Jeff Lemire ratchets the tension by using Doc Dread’s team as relentless hunters, only giving them seconds to consider what could be.

On the other hand, you have family coming together on Prime Earth. Plastic Man and Offspring come to terms with each other and rejoin Phantom Girl. Metamorpho and his dog return too, finding civilian life too boring. Despite being literally forced together, these people have formed a bond. That bond is extending into their personal lives, at least Plastic Man is with his son. It’s yet to be determined how Sapphire will feel about Rex’s decision here. They’ve become an extended family, one that Linnya really needs, considering her relationship with her own family back home.

Jeff Lemire Knows How to Tug On Heartstrings

THE TERRIFICS #13 Pages 2 and 3. Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Writer Jeff Lemire has always been an expert writer when it comes to the internal emotional experience of his characters as well as interpersonal dynamics. The desperate longing inside of Michael Holt conflicting with his analytical, intellectual nature is a great example. So is the group dynamic of The Terrifics themselves. They hated being forced together, but they care about each other. That’s true of a lot of families out there. Lemire has done a great job of establishing this group: forcing them together, pulling them apart, making them realize they like each other and need each other, and putting them back together.

Joe Bennett Shines in THE TERRIFICS #13

The talented Joe Bennett has taken over art duties with this issue, and he does a great job following Viktor Bogdanovic. Bennett is a longtime veteran at DC, and his artwork is detailed yet light. Credit also goes to inker Dexter Vines (another longtime pro) and Mike Spicer on colors. TERRIFICS is a vibrant sci-fi book reminiscent of the 1960s, and the art aesthetic fits the bill.

Bennett doesn’t take the easy way out either. He draws a lot of complicated pages, particularly the splash page early on with Terrific dodging the Dreadfuls as well as the complicated Multiverse hopping sequence. We get to visit a lot of notable DC alternate universes: Kamandi, Lord Havok, Batman Beyond and Red Son just to name a few. The art team deftly changes palettes and feel with each bounce, which literally happens from panel to panel.

Are THE TERRIFICS Back For Good?

It seems like the team is back together, but will this last? Can they stand up to the threat of The Dreadfuls? What will Michael and Paula do if they survive? THE TERRIFICS has been one of DC’s best new series since its launch in early 2018. This potential reunion will hopefully continue this spectacular book. Writer Jeff Lemire has struck gold with this series.

THE TERRIFICS #13 by Jeff Lemire, Joe Bennett, Dexter Vines, Mike Spicer and Tom Napolitano
Writer Jeff Lemire puts a lot of heart into THE TERRIFICS #13. Michael's reunion with his lost love is beautifully done. The reunion between the other members of the team is great too, as they come together and realize they're a family. Joe Bennett also provides terrific art, and does a great job with the Multiverse scenes.
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Come Together!

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