THE SILENCER #2 by John Romita Jr., Dan Abnett, and Sandra Hope continues Honor Guest’s adventure as she tries to keep her old life from ruining her new one! The second issue of this brand new series keeps the momentum going while building the world that the Silencer used to belong to.

THE SILENCER #2 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Soccer Mom By Day

THE SILENCER #2 immediately picks up after the end of the last issue. Honor Guest has a pretty normal life, loving husband, and a wonderful child. All of this is endangered when her old life comes back to haunt her. We find out that she was previously an assassin for hire that worked for Talia Al Ghul, Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter and the leader of the terrorist organization Leviathan. Talia arrives with news that a war has erupted within the organization. Additionally, said war is dragging Honor Guest out of retirement with the arrival of two killers at Honor’s doorstep.

Assassin By Night

The fight between Honor and the gunmen is a fast and brutal one. It showcases both Honor’s fighting skills and her desire to hold on to her normal life. The villains, Breacher and Bloodvessel, aren’t given much screen time, but they do make an impact. Bloodvessel is a character described as “living blood in a cybernetic host.” That description of him as a comic book villain is a fun, crazy idea. Breacher reminders me of the large gun-toting characters that Image had in the ’90’s, in a good way.

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Fight To Survive

Following the opening fight in THE SILENCER #2, we see Honor doing everything in her power to maintain a normal life. This portion reminds me of the JOHN WICK films and, to a lesser extent, A LONG KISS GOODNIGHT. Some characters act as clean up crews or who contact other underworld organizations.

These are very intriguing aspects to DC’s underworld. I’m looking forward to seeing this developed more as the series progresses. The inclusion of Talia is hopefully a precursor for other Gotham characters. I wonder how long it will take for Batman or one of his extended family members to run across Honor?

THE SILENCER #2 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Writing For Success

THE SILENCER #2 has two major stars going for it. The first is writer Dan Abnett. Abnett’s writing is crisp and keeps the story moving along nicely. His witty sense of humor shines despite the high stakes and drama being shown in the issue. The banter between Honor and her husband regarding their nightly activity midway through the issue had me chuckling.

Furthermore credit, Abnett has some really great ideas. The Silencer’s “Zone of Silence” power is so ingenious for an assassin. I hope we get more of an explanation regarding how she acquired it.  I’m also curious about her suit as it appears to give her super strength as well.

THE SILENCER #2 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Art of THE SILENCER #2

John Romita Jr. is, of course, the other star of this book. The legendary artist has drawn every iconic character I think of and then some. Seeing brand new designs from this artist is a treat. The Silencer’s costume, for example, is sleek and simple. While it might not be as loud and flashy when compared to other heroes; it makes perfect sense for an assassin who’s modus operandi is silence.

By the same token, his villain designs, such as Bloodvessel being a large machine with visible piping to carry the living blood, is a great contrast. I’d also like to point out that even the small details, such as Honor’s tattoos, give us some idea of her backstory without any explanation.

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Final Thoughts

THE SILENCER #2 continues Honor Guest’s saga as she tries to hold onto the life she has built. The world that Abnett and Romita are creating is a rich and deep one. Interesting characters, a hidden society, and a delightful heroine make this a great combination for the reader. The art and writing are both top-notch and should hook anyone into this series.

THE SILENCER #2 by John Romita Jr., Dan Abnett, and Sandra Hope
THE SILENCER #2 is a gorgeous and fun book. The action keeps the pace going nicely and the story continues to build on Honor Guest's life.
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