It’s always exciting to hear that an old favorite character is returning to the comics universe in an all-new story. It’s even more exciting when a great creative team is doing the run. Such is the case with Marvel’s upcoming new SENTRY series, featuring the eponymous character and the talents of writer Jeff Lemire (MOON KNIGHT) and artist Kim Jacinto (AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER).

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Marvel released the news of the upcoming SENTRY series today. However, we already got a hint of the character’s return at the end of DOCTOR STRANGE #382, written by Donny Cates. (In case you haven’t read that one yet, I won’t give you any spoilers on the plot, including the circumstances in which he appears!)

But I can tell you that, even with the little that’s been revealed so far, the upcoming SENTRY series sounds promising. As Marvel SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort notes in the Marvel release, Lemire is great for the project because “it will live in the sort of off-kilter headspace that his MOON KNIGHT and BLACK HAMMER projects exist in.” And Jacinto “is the perfect artist to help visualize the worlds of this shining champion who’s also got a dark underbelly,” Brevoort says.

And dark it is. We first saw The Sentry way back in his eponymous Marvel Knights 2000 miniseries by writer Paul Jenkins and artist Jae Lee. Unlike your typical comic book hero, The Sentry, aka Bob Reynolds, was overweight, middle-aged, and struggling with alcoholism. I’m curious to see what he will be like in his return.

But that will be a while away. SENTRY #1 hits comic book stores in June!

Mark Your Calendars for THE SENTRY!

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment


Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Kim Jacinto

Cover by Bryan Hitch

On Sale 6/27/18

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