THE PUNISHER #7 Preview Hints Mysterious Past

The Punisher has been framed for an attack in Bagalia in this THE PUNISHER #7 preview. While in prison he’s visited by a nun from his past. Curious about this mysterious visitor and what they have to say? Check out the preview below!


The Punisher #7


Written by: Matt Rosenberg

Art by: Szymon Kudranski

Cover by: Greg Smallwood

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LET THE PUNISHER FIT THE CRIME! Can Zemo’s bid to turn Bagalia into a legitimate nation withstand the Punisher? What chance does the Rule of Law have in a land full of outlaws? Frank Castle is notoriously hard to kill, but an entire nation of super criminals might just do it.

THE PUNISHER #7 Preview Image Gallery

The Punisher #7 The Punisher #7 The Punisher #7 The Punisher #7 The Punisher #7

The Punisher #7

All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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