Once again, we get a twist in the ongoing tale of Loki: God of Stories. Since the new volume of THE MIGHTY THOR began, it seemed to be that Loki had gone back to his ‘God of Lies’ days, causing mayhem on Asgard and attempting to murder the All-Mother. The first page of THE MIGHTY THOR #9 turns the tables with Loki confessing to his comatose mother that Malekith had planned to kill her. Loki’s attack on her was his way of saving her from death, but in doing so placed her very close to its door. The scene is imbued with grief and sadness and a very honest Loki. The scene ends with Loki slowly fading away mid-sentence, disappearing in a magical green mist. It leaves you with a lump in your throat, and a feeling you should give yourself a moment before you read on.

The Mighty Thor #9

The rest of THE MIGHTY THOR #9 compensates for this sad opening scene by taking the reader on an action-filled journey where Thor and Agent Roz Solomon take on the Silver Samurai. The buildup to this battle is full of fun, awkward interactions between Thor and Solomon. They don’t know each other but they must trust each other. Solomon’s reaction to Thor talking to Mjolnir is priceless while Thor’s reply to the Silver Samurai’s taunts is laugh-out-loud funny. Jason Aaron manages to balance the high fantasy of this book with a great blend of pathos and levity which makes for a very entertaining read. This issue also includes the sadomasochistic assassin, Oubliette, who delights in torturing a captured Dario Agger while also having no qualms about jumping out of a plane to fight two other planes with just a pair of handguns. Her scenes are completely crazy but also tremendously enjoyable as you root for the bad guy who’s not as bad as the other bad guy.

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As already mentioned, Jason Aaron brings a lot of hilarity and seriousness to the Thor books. He also knows how to write an engaging story and this issue is no exception. It brings you on a roller-coaster of action while also driving the story forward. Each scene builds up quite naturally to a satisfying payoff before cutting effortlessly to the next scene. The comic holds you in its godlike hands and doesn’t let go until the issue ends.

The Mighty Thor #9

Russell Dauterman draws each scene with just the right amount of energy and pacing to get the story across. His inks never feel busy, adding just the exact amount of detail and emotion on each page. There is nothing as powerful as seeing Thor crashing through a ceiling made of ice as she meets the Silver Samurai head on. This is due to Dauterman’s complete control of the page, making everything feel alive and full of movement. Matthew Wilson’s colors paint the action in a gorgeous icy blue while adding some beautiful touches to the way Mjolnir moves.

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Packed to the brim with gun fights, sword fights, and hammer fights, THE MIGHTY THOR #9 packs a punch for those of you who enjoy classic action. Jane Foster continues to be a fantastic character and brings a lot of humanity to a story about gods. With each swing of Mjolnir, she continues to prove she is the god of thunder.


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