THE MIGHTY THOR #21 sees the rise of a new, violent Thor as the Ultimate Mjolnir is finally claimed. Destruction reigns across the realms as Odinson tries to save Jane Foster. Jason Aaron tells a story of violence begetting violence, aided by Valerio Schiti's bright and clear artwork.
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Storm of Blood
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THE MIGHTY THOR #21 is the next step towards the end of Jane Foster’s Thor. It stands as the birth of a new Thor as well — Volstagg becomes the War Thor by grabbing the hammer of Ultimate Thor. As the Ten Realms feel the wrath of a new, angry god, the reader becomes sucked more into this story.

The Birth of War

THE MIGHTY THOR #21 begins with the fire demons of Muspelheim attacking the dwarves. The demons are mopping up the dwarves handily (as beings of fire and lava tend to do) until a storm cloud hampers their attack. The Fire Demons are greeted by a new and terrifying sight.

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The new War Thor rips through the army in minutes, pausing only when the Enchantress and Ulik the Troll appear. They fall quickly as well. The intense battles showcase the talents of artist Valerio Schiti and writer Jason Aaron. Schiti’s panels are crisp and bright, showcasing the majesty and horror of the battle as it happens. Every element is clear and in focus, making the punches and lightning hit all the harder. Aaron keeps the battle moving swiftly, but he takes time to add the proper angst.

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Despite the destruction, Aaron makes Volstagg’s reasons upfront and clear. The loss of the refugee children he shepherded torments Volstagg. That loss drives the War Thor, making him tragic as well as destructive. Aaron keeps Volstagg’s true nature apparent as well. The formerly jolly god has a moment of clarity after dropping his hammer, horrified at what he has done. Those thoughts leave the second he reclaims the hammer, adding new depth to what Ultimate Mjolnir is capable of, and where this story will go from here.

Dying Thunder

War Thor leaves after dousing the fires around him with blood rain, shifting THE MIGHTY THOR #21 to Jane Foster. The current Thor is carried by Odinson to Asgard, still refusing to use magic on the cancer that is swiftly killing her. Jane calls for Mjolnir to help her save the Realms, even though she’s stated her transformations speed up the cancer. Odinson curses his former weapon for its effect on Jane (another great element from Aaron’s pen). Jane still calls for the hammer, allowing it to carry her off against Odinson’s cries. This leads to an epic final page that highlights both Schiti’s clear-cut art and Aaron’s strong writing.

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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Final Echoes on THE MIGHTY THOR #21

THE MIGHTY THOR #21 is a solid issue that continues the eventual downfall of Jane Foster as Thor. It also stands as a powerful introduction to War Thor, making him terrifying and heartbreaking all at once. The artwork shows every detail perfectly, and the story is clearly in the hands of a capable storyteller. It’s hard not to finish the issue and already want to have the next chapter.

Considering this will end with Jane’s death, that’s a miracle worth praising.

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