HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 by Charles Soule, David Marquez, Rachelle Rosenberg, Paulo Siqueira, Walden Wong, and Ruth Redmond reveals the truth: Wolverine is back! Following his death in DEATH OF WOLVERINE in 2014, this one-shot answers some questions about Wolverine’s return. How did Wolverine escape his adamantium cast? Where was it being hidden? HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 also sets up several more questions while featuring a who’s who of Logan’s closest allies.

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HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 Reveals the Truth


HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 Page 4. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The issue features two stories that feel like one overall arc. The first story has the cybernetic Reavers tracking down Wolverine’s adamantium covered corpse hidden away in Canada. The Reavers are looking to sell Logan’s body so they can get upgrades for their own systems. The X-Men are alerted and a massive fight breaks out between the two groups. The Reavers get some good hits in and crack open the casing that was holding Wolverine, only to find nothing inside! Meanwhile, through flashbacks, we learn why Logan’s body wasn’t there. Back in the current day, the X-Men deal with the Reavers and pay respect to Logan’s real final resting place.

The second story picks up immediately with the X-Men discovering Logan’s body is actually missing from the place where they had hidden it: it’s revealed that they had previously moved his body from the adamantium casing and buried him in an unmarked grave as not to be disturbed. Discovering that he’s gone, the X-Men start gathering other heroes in the Marvel universe to help find out where he is. Elsewhere, Logan is alive and well, hunting some poor soul on some mysterious mission. Mysteries are everywhere!

Cameos Abound

hunt for wolverine #1
HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 Page 5. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The casting choices for this one-shot are wonderful in nearly every way. The Reavers are a practical choice for this issue. Considering their need for upgrades and improvements, it makes sense that they would go hunting for Logan’s corpse, since it would mean quite the payday for these ne’er do wells. Alternately, their appearance makes sense since their “creation” was at the hands of Wolverine himself. The Reavers were normal Hellfire club bodyguards until an enraged Wolverine hacked them up, thus their need to become cyborgs.

In HUNT  FOR WOLVERINE #1, we see several modern day heroes that all have a deeply personal history with Wolverine including Storm, Kitty Pryde, and Nightcrawler. There are some cameos I honestly didn’t expect to see, such as flashbacks with Mr. Fantastic, Beast, and Cyclops. Even with the latter’s short appearance, Charles Soule manages to perfectly encapsulate the dynamic between Scott Summers and Logan. This issue is all the stronger for it since Scott has had such a long and fraught relationship with Logan.

HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 even briefly features the parts of Logan’s world that include Lady Deathstrike and Alpha Flight. The one glaring omission, however, is Sabretooth; given his history with Wolverine, and considering he is running around with Lady Deathstrike, I’m surprised he didn’t make an appearance of some sort.

Kitty Takes the Lead

hunt for wolverine #1
HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 Page 6. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Kitty Pryde gets the most page time in the second story. Not only does she take the lead in forming teams to find Logan’s body, but she plays another important role. The surprise of the issue is that it was Kitty who managed to free the deceased Logan from his adamantium casing some time ago, allowing his friends to give him a proper burial.

Soule does a great job with Kitty’s characterization in these moments. After their fight with the Reavers, she sits at Logan’s grave, telling him all about the battle. When she checks his shallow grave and realizes he isn’t there, Kitty takes charge in finding him. In addition, in the flashback of pulling Logan’s corpse from the adamantium shell, Kitty mentions she hasn’t had to use her powers like this since the giant bullet. This was a great callback to her arc in ASTONISHING X-MEN by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday.

Drawing The Edge

The art teams do a great job with synergy in this book. I had to re-read it just to figure out where one art team ended and the other began. Considering there are several artists, inkers, and colorist who helped create the issue, I hope they consider that a high praise of their skill. The continuity of the art is fantastic and never takes away from the reading experience. One choice I really appreciated was the design of the Reavers. They come across much more robotic and menacing then they have in previous stories.

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4 Different Path to Follow

HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 leads to 4 different limited series following the events that happen in this issue. There have been one-shots like this before designed to continue the story, and sometimes they feel a little forced. I can happily say, HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 is not like that. It’s a very organic story and the 4 different cliffhangers make sense in the context of the narrative. It’s good to see Wolverine coming back!

HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 by Charles Soule, David Marquez, Rachelle Rosenberg, Paulo Siquiera, Walden Wong, and Ruth Redmond
HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 is a solid story that sets up the mystery of Wolverine's reappearance in the Marvel Universe. If you are Wolverine fan, you are in luck, as this issue features plenty of character tied to his past. This issue also finally answers some of the long-standing questions of what has happened, while leaving plenty to explore.
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