ANT-MAN & THE WASP looks like it’s going to be another great chapter to the MCU. Its trailer provides plenty of action and humor, as well as a very intriguing villain. Who is The Ghost? What are her powers? What does she want? Let’s look at The Ghosts’ origins from the comics and speculate as to what we can expect from her film debut.

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Origins of The Ghost

The Ghost first appears as an Iron Man villain in IRON MAN #219. In the comics, he claims that he used to be a simple IT programmer and engineer. His origin begins with his creation of Ghost-Tech: flux-state processors that can become intangible. His company loved him for it. However, when he tried to take time off due to exhaustion, they grew angry with him.

They wanted more, for greater profits than they were already getting, all the while taking credit for his invention. The company hires a woman to distract him, forming a relationship. When the woman tried to extort more money, they killed her. Overcome with grief, the IT programmer threw himself into his work, fusing the flux-state processors to his body and neurons, making him intangible. With this action, The Ghost is born.

His first mission was to topple the company that took everything from him and killing them all. The Ghost dedicates his life to overthrowing corporate greed, in all of its forms. He takes out profitable institutions one by one, including the ones that might hire him to take out their rivals.

The Ghost- Powers and Aliases

The Ghost has no known alias. The only name he holds to is Ghost. He sometimes uses covers such as Casper or Phantasm, but no one knows his true name. It makes him the perfect spy: being a ghost even when he’s not working. He can’t be tracked.

The Ghost
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

He is a brilliant inventor, cunning, a master tactician, and strategist. He’s also one of the Marvel Universe’s best hackers. He wears a suit that provides him with advanced stealth tech. Combined with his powers of intangibility, and he is the perfect tool for corporate espionage and obtaining valuable intel.

It’s what makes him so attractive to companies, providing him with the opportunities to take them down from inside. It’s sort of like a ‘two birds, one stone’ type of situation that he likes best.

Current State of The Ghost In The Comics

In the comics currently, The Ghost works as a member of the Thunderbolts. He’s become a sort of anti-hero now, uneasily working with the team, each one trying to accomplish their own ends. Ghost was most recently hired by the company Alchemax to go after Parker Industries, the recently formed company owned by Peter Parker.

The Ghost succeeds in blowing up their building on Alchemax’s behalf.

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The MCU Version of The Ghost

The version of The Ghost that we see in the ANT-MAN & THE WASP trailer is unquestionably different than The Ghost we see in the comics. First off, The Ghost will be female, played by Hannah John-Kamen. Secondly, According to Ant-Man’s (Paul Rudd) friend Luis, The Ghost’s intangibility comes — not from her own invention — but from tech she stole.

More specifically, tech she stole from Hank Pym (Michael Douglas). Luis (Micheal Pena) continues on in the trailer to say that she wants to take over the world. Taking over the world is a bit of a jump from taking down corporate greed vigilante-style, but perhaps this claim is just Luis not grasping the whole picture.

Speculations About The Ghost and ANT-MAN & THE WASP’s Plot

Based on what we know from the plot of the first film, ANT-MAN, we know that Hank’s motives in the sequel will be to rescue his wife Janet from the sub-molecular Quantum Realm. We also know that Janet will be in the film, as the film’s cast includes her, played by Michelle Pfeiffer.

While it’s still unclear as to how The Ghost features into the plot, a good guess would be that Hank needs Scott and his daughter Hope (Evangeline Lily) to get the stolen Pym tech back from her.

The Ghost
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

If the tech is originally Hank’s, then it’s powers of intangibility probably have to do with manipulating the spaces between molecules. For example, the Ant-Man and Wasp suits shrink and expand the molecules within them, allowing the wearers to alter their size and mass. However, it seems as though the Ghost suit allows the wearer’s molecules to phase and shift between other molecules, allowing them to pass through.

A good motivation and reasoning to get the tech back from The Ghost would be if it allowed one to travel the Quantum Realm. This would create a means for Hank to rescue his long-lost wife. Furthermore, it seems like Scott, Hope, and Hank are going to have to deal with the fact they’ll be fugitives if Scott breaks his house arrest deal to stop the Ghost. (He’s under house arrest due to his helping Captain America in CIVIL WAR.)

What Can The Ghost Really Bring To ANT-MAN & THE WASP?

Now, this is all a theory, but I’m willing to bet that parts of it are accurate, if not all. You can certainly assume that the Ghost isn’t going to give up her suit without a fight. She probably has plans of her own, such as the world domination Luis alludes to in the trailer. And maybe this is true.

Another theory is that the Ghost was trapped in the Quantum Realm, and Hank’s efforts to rescue Janet released her. The one shot from the trailer we do have from The Ghost unmasked does show her with what could be considered crazy eyes as she marvels at her powers of intangibility.

The Ghost
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

In any or all cases, the hope is that The Ghost will be a dynamic character, with more dimension and depth than that of Darren Cross from ANT-MAN, a.k.a The Yellowjacket, a.k.a probably the most forgettable MCU villain ever.

ANT-MAN & THE WASP looks like it will be filled with action, humor, and plenty of suspense. Including the suspension of disbelief, as we further explore the MCU version of quantum physics.

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ANT-MAN & THE WASP is set to release July 6th, 2018. It stars Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lily, and Hannah John-Kamen

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