The CW’s THE FLASH brushed off its boots and came racing back to our TV’s with the mid-season premiere of its fourth season. The ‘Trial of the Flash’ mid-season premiere primarily focused on the actual trial of Barry Allen, giving the episode a more LAW AND ORDER type of feel to it. While this mid-season premiere lacked the outgoing and exciting fights, it more than made up for it in its character development.

The Trial of Barry Allen

All season Barry has tried to figure out what Devoe (Neil Sandilands) is planning and put a stop to it. In his efforts to try to find any clues, Barry broke into Devoe’s house and basically stalked him. This prompted Devoe’s wife, Marlize (Kim Engelbrecht), to place a restraining order on Barry.

In the winter finale, Barry went into Devoe’s house. The CCPD arrive and find Barry standing over the dead body of Devoe. The circumstances and insurmountable evidence against our hero made his odds slim to none in ‘The Trial of Barry Allen.’

Trial of the Flash
Barry being arrested for the murder of Clifford Devoe. Photo Courtesy of The CW

Despite the fact that there was little action did not make the ‘Trial of the Flash’ any less intense. In fact, the focus on the trial only added to the suspense. Audience viewers could feel the emotion from the characters and their concern for Barry. Not to mention the lengths his friends were willing to go to prove his innocence were both heartbreaking and shocking!

Joe West Crosses the Line?

This episode featured a surprising team up – Ralph and Joe. The latter approached Ralph early in the episode for his expertise in underhand detective work. They attempted to make it seem that Marlize was cheating on her husband with Dominic (the meta whose body Devoe took over before framing Barry). However, when that failed Joe attempted to frame Marlize for her husband’s murder by planting evidence in her house.

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What follows is a touching scene from Ralph warning Joe about breaking the law to right a wrong. Ralph ruined his life for this exact reason. Thanks to Ralph, Joe remembered that he shouldn’t lose his morals when trying to stop the bad guys. It’s rare to see a human emotion from Ralph, so this scene was especially surprising. I sincerely hope those two share more screen time together. Their chemistry was a welcomed surprise in this episode.

Iris’ last-ditch effort

Speaking of surprises, Barry’s lawyer Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) suggests that he take the stand and tell everyone he’s the Flash! Of course, Barry refuses to do that, however, Iris takes it upon herself to reveal her husband’s secret. Typically, this controlling behavior from Iris would annoy me, but in this case, it works. However, the way Barry stops her is what makes this scene stand out.

Barry developed a new ability – enveloping another person with his speed. When Iris attempts to tell the judge that Barry is the Flash, he rushes over to stop her. In doing so, Barry makes it so that both he and Iris can move faster than the human eye. The couple shares a tender and loving moment with one another before Barry must be sentenced.

History Repeats Itself

Towards the end of ‘Trial of the Flash,’ Barry has received a life sentence with no chance of parole. Once there, Barry is shouted at by the other inmates who hate him for having worked for the police. It’s clear that Barry will have some difficulties with the other inmates who he most likely helped put away. When Barry is put into his cell, he notices a mark on the wall.

Trial of the Flash
Admit it, you teared up when you saw this. Photo Courtesy of the CW

This was his father’s cell when he was at Iron Heights Prison. Two men, father, and son, both wrongly accused of a murder they did not commit. Although the ending of ‘Trial of the Flash’ was somber, there was no better way to finish it.

Other Highlights in ‘Trial of the Flash’

The metahuman that Team Flash had to take down this episode was not a criminal, but a person who couldn’t control their abilities. That was nice a change of pace, and the effects of the Flash, Vibe, and Killer Frost team-up were surprisingly good. After all the effects used in the crossover and the winter finale, I didn’t expect to see such high-quality special effects.

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Also, stopping the metahuman from causing a nuclear explosion prompted one of the more poignant parts of ‘Trial of the Flash.’ During Barry’s sentencing, the judge proceeds to criticize Barry in the courtroom.

Trial of the Flash
Photo Courtesy of The CW.

Meanwhile, Captain Singh praises the Flash at the police station and grants him a medal of valor. It showed the image people have for the two faces of this character. The Flash is viewed as a hero who nobly saves the city from devastation, and Barry Allen is marked as a murder.

What’s Coming Up for THE FLASH?

Next week’s episode features how Barry is adjusting to prison life and Ralph stepping up his role as Central City’s defender. It will undoubtedly feature some sage advice from Barry to Ralph to motivate him to become the hero he needs to be. You certainly are not going to want to miss it.

Make sure to watch THE FLASH on Tuesdays at 8pm EST on The CW!

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