The most recent episode of THE FLASH concluded Team Flash’s rescue mission on Earth-2. In honor of that, let’s take a look at the show’s version of Earth-2 and how it compares to the Earth-2 in the comics.

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Earth-2 first appeared in THE FLASH #123 in 1961. At the time, the Silver Age of comics was beginning to form, and comic book creators didn’t want to get rid of the stories or characters that were created in the Golden Age of comics. So, they decided to create a parallel world similar to the newer version, but different in some aspects. Over the past few years, Earth-2 has gone through several different incarnations, and at one point it was wiped away from existence entirely! For the sake of simplicity, the first page will compare the show only to the Earth-2 that appeared in 1961. The second page will focus on the new 52 version of Earth-2.  Now here are the SIMILARITIES and the DIFFERENCES between the Earth-2 on the show and the Earth-2 in comics!

Similarities to the Golden Age (1961)

The Flash on Earth 2

Golden Age Setting:

Many of the characters and stories created during the Golden Age of comics were in the 1950s, so the setting reflected that time period.  The characters from Earth-2 on the show dress and sometimes even speak in a manner that is heavily inspired by the vernacular of that decade. They even changed the name of the coffee house on Earth-1 from Jitters to Jitterbug, which was a common phrase during that era. The Earth-2 on the show also managed to find that 1950s feel while still being modern, which is demonstrated through the use of certain devices.

The Flash Barry's phone

Certain Characters:

The most iconic character from Earth-2 is definitely the Jay Garrick version of the Flash. It is practically a requirement to include Jay Garrick when doing any version of Earth-2. There was also the inclusion of the phone in Barry’s house which had several names on it. Comic book fans will recognize the names Bruce, Hal, and Diana as the civilian identities of Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman! Granted those names are not exclusive to Earth-2, but this is the first time we’re seeing the CW acknowledge other heroes within the DC universe by name. Aside from that, there have not been any other noteworthy characters from Earth-2 that were featured on the show.


Certain Locations:

In an earlier episode, Jay comments that, on his Earth, Atlantis is above water and that he has a friend who lives there. This clearly a nod to Arthur Curry/Aquaman, who is the King of Atlantis in the comics. The Earth-2 in the original incarnation of the comics does have Atlantis above water, but there is no Aquaman, and the Atlanteans cannot breathe underwater. So, even if the friend Jay is referring to is Arthur Curry, he’s not Aquaman in the show’s version of Earth-2. Also, due to the fact that the character of Aquaman is lined up to have a movie in 2018, it is unlikely that we’ll see him on THE FLASH anytime soon.

Differences from Golden Age (1961)

Flash - Friends as Foes

Heroes as Villains:

The Earth-2 version on the show included several versions of Earth-1 characters as villains. The Earth that is known for having villain versions of Earth-1 heroes in the comics is Earth-3. In Earth-3, all of the villains on Earth-1 are heroes and all of the heroes are villains. A prime example of this that was seen on the show would the villain version of Firestorm: Deathstorm. In the comics, Deathstorm lives on Earth-3, whereas on the show, he’s from Earth-2, along with Killer Frost. After the most recent episode, it could be theorized that Zoom is an evil version of Jay Garrick. I will go into more detail in a future article on the possible Zoom identities.

The Age of Jay Garrick:

The original incarnation of Earth-2 had a Jay Garrick that was significantly older than the Flash on Earth-1. By significantly older, I mean Jay Garrick appeared to be old enough to be Barry’s father. The one seen on the show is roughly ten years older than Barry. This younger version of Jay Garrick was definitely influenced by the new 52’s version of Jay Garrick, which makes this the perfect segue into the similarities and differences of the show compared to the new 52 version of Earth-2!

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